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Charlie and Lola

Charlie and Lola, that adorable brother and sister from England appear daily on Playhouse Disney in the morning.

Charlie and Lola do come from London, where the stories originated as books, written by Lauren Child. There are 26 different Charlie and Lola stories that have been made into short stories for the Disney Channel. Tiger Aspect Publications Ltd produces the Charlie and Lola show for the Disney Channel.

Charlie, aged 7, has this little sister Lola, and together they go through a new experience each day. Lola, a small handful of a child is often in need of Charlie's help. Charlie has quite the imagination, as does Lola, and he and will imagine a way to help Lola in her frequent times of need.

You will see Charlie help Lola realize that getting her hair cut is not a bad thing, even though one of her excuses is her imaginary story. In her story, she is a Princess in a tower, and when her Prince shows up and is unable to climb up because her hair was cut, Lola is distraught. Charlie finally figures out that it isn't the haircut that is bothering his sister, but instead it is the brushing that must be done first.

The stories are definitely entertaining, and great for parents to watch to see how Charlie deals with his young sister. You will never see another adult during Charlie and Lola, but occasionally another child will join them. Lola may be a feisty little girl, but she is fun to watch. Charlie is an immensely patient 7 year old who always makes Lola feel better.

In addition to the fun characters, the theme song itself is also quite entertaining, and is a very catchy tune.

This show is approximately 11 minutes, and is usually shown before Stanley, cutting Stanley to just 15 minutes.

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DisneyInTheMorning's Readers Reviews and Comments on Disney In The Morning - Charlie and Lola

Average Rating: (4.67) Out of 86 Reviews

Charlie and Lola  (Review 1 of 86)
Reviewed by Chris Wiggle on 3/14/2013 Rating: (11124)

I LOVE CHARLIE AND LOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlie and Lola  (Review 2 of 86)
Reviewed by Chris on 3/24/2012 Rating: (11093)

Don't worry! Disney Junior decided to put it back on! Just call
your local cable provider to see if you get the new Disney
Junior channel! All of your old favorites like Rolie Polie
Olie, Charlie and Lola and Stanley are back. But, if you're
going to ask if Bear in the Big Blue House is on the new
channel, it's not. Go to Disney Junior's website to see the new
shows having a website again!

Charlie & Lola  (Review 3 of 86)
Reviewed by Jenny on 11/8/2011 Rating: (11022)

Please bring Charlie & Lola back! Do u have videos that we can watch?

Bad News!!  (Review 4 of 86)
Reviewed by Chris on 11/4/2011 Rating: (11015)

Charlie & Lola is off Disney Junior!! :(

Kevin  (Review 5 of 86)
Reviewed by Correction for DIRT_DEVIL on 4/17/2011 Rating: (10939)

DIRT_DEVIL, you are wrong. Charlie and Lola's mom isn't gone.
She's at their house, but she, as all adults are on the show,
is never actually seen or heard, a technique also seen in the
Peanuts comic strips and television specials (they don't use
the "mwah-mwah" noises though). The reason of the "I will not
of British accent. And she does go to daycare in later episodes.

Correction for the critic  (Review 6 of 86)
Reviewed by Kevin on 4/17/2011 Rating: (10940)

Critic, you're wrong too. The same, the adults are always there
but they're NEVUH EVUH EVUH shown or heard.

Charlie & Lola  (Review 7 of 86)
Reviewed by Chris on 2/20/2011 Rating: (10895)

She is not. Charlie & Lola is now on Disney Junior. Where the
magic begins.

sassy  (Review 8 of 86)
Reviewed by Molly on 11/12/2010 Rating: (10806)

Lola is sooooooooo sassy!

I LOVE THIS EPISODE!!  (Review 9 of 86)
Reviewed by Kevin M. Burnam on 10/17/2010 Rating: (10788)

One of my favorites is the episode "I Like My Haircut
Completely The Way It Is." The favorite part is the end of
Lola's story. You know, "Forever! AND EVER!! THE END!!!!"

I LOVE THIS EPISODE!! 2  (Review 10 of 86)
Reviewed by Kevin M. Burnam on 10/17/2010 Rating: (10789)

I also liked the part with Lola looking at the haircuts in the
magazine. I liked watching her with the several diifferent
hairstyles, especially at the end of the clip when on of the
Lolas with different haircuts pokes another Lola.

Good show  (Review 11 of 86)
Reviewed by Kerri on 5/15/2010 Rating: (4806)

not on everyday on Playhouse Disney anymore. It's only on Saturdays now, which is
what they do before they pull the plug. It's all in reruns. :( My son LOVES this show.
Yes the voices can be annoying but it doesn't bother him. It could be just good for US
kids to hear other accents. What's the big deal if it's "British", it's still in english!

Charlie and Lola  (Review 12 of 86)
Reviewed by hb on 2/8/2010 Rating: (4751)

I love charlie and lola and so do my children. Lola makes me laugh and charlie is
creative in the way he gets his sister to do the things she needs to do. This is a good
show. To those of you that say you don't like it ... I say then don't watch it and don't
spread your hate around. There is nothing wrong with there voices. It is a British show
and that is why they talk the way they do. It is really cute! We love Charlie and Lola.

Charlie & Lola  (Review 13 of 86)
Reviewed by Charlie & Lola's Fan on 1/1/2010 Rating: (4708)

I love this show and I don't love this show. I like their
clothes that they wear but I don't like they're british accents.

annoying  (Review 14 of 86)
Reviewed by kellyx3disney on 10/23/2009 Rating: (4608)

i hate there accents there voices are annoying. and lola is a
winny little girl teach her manners

Charlie and Lola  (Review 15 of 86)
Reviewed by EmOliver on 9/2/2009 Rating: (4554)

I'm a huge fan, and I'm British. my daughter is 3 years old but
she is not I REPEAT SHE IS NOT the reason I have downloaded 3/4gb
of Charlie and Lola from itunes and put them on my ipod.

ok, so it keeps her quiet on the bus, but I have a habit of
watching them when I need a giggle or a little pick-me-up.

Love it  (Review 16 of 86)
Reviewed by Hailie on 12/25/2008 Rating: (4267)

I'm a 14 year old girl, and I adore Charlie and Lola :D

My little cousins watch it (they're 3 and 5) and their parents,
my parents, my sister and my aunt all love the show

Me and my aunt and my grandma are all totally in love with
Charlie in particular; everytime it comes on we all sigh - "I
wish I had a brother like Charlie"

We think he's gonna be quite the looker when he's older ;3

Anyway, basically a brilliant show, it's sweet and funny, you
can't help but like it

Exellent!  (Review 17 of 86)
Reviewed by Sophie on 10/22/2007 Rating: (3836)

It is the best show! Ilove it and i am 11!!! it is the best
show that i have ever seen in my entire life!!!!!!!
Lola is by far my favourite character!!!!!!!

charlie is gay  (Review 18 of 86)
Reviewed by carmela on 8/6/2007 Rating: (3732)

once i saw my cousin rosa kissing charlie on tv it was gay. i
cant believe this once she was reading a charlie and lola
magazine she told me she wanted to buy a charlie doll in the

cooly  (Review 19 of 86)
Reviewed by maris on 8/6/2007 Rating: (3733)

i love it my cousin looks just like charley. And they always
record the show. And if they miss it they cry and cry.

i love it   (Review 20 of 86)
Reviewed by rosa on 8/6/2007 Rating: (3734)

charlie and lola love too pee all day just like my cousins
caremela and my sister marisa.they also love to do cocky.i
never saw something like that.

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