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Go Baby

Go Baby is a fairly new skit shown on Playhouse Disney in the morning. This 'show' is approximately 5 minutes long, and has a baby in different locations. In each location the audience is supposed to teach baby how to play a drum, build a sand castle, and more. An adult voice asks for help, and says thanks for the help after a space of time.

During this clip the baby is very animated, cooing, smiling, and clapping. Toddlers love to look at babies, and this miniature show is a big hit for the younger set as children 'help' the baby learn today's lesson.

Go Baby can be seen in the mornings on the Disney Channel and is shown a few times a week. With only 3 different shows filmed, there is not a lot of variation, but the target age group of 3 to 6 doesn't seem to care. The minute that familiar music begins, they come running to the television

J. Walter Hawkes, who has composed for film as well as television, is the composer of Go Baby. He has also performed with Ray Charles and Macy Gray. You can currently find him as a member of JC Hopkins Biggish Band, which may have a modest name, but is loaded with talent. Disney Channel is very lucky to have Hawkes help with Go Baby.

While Go Baby is not a full length television show, even by Disney Channel standards, where many shows are 20 minutes long followed by 10 minutes of commercials, Go Baby is long enough to enthrall a 2 or 3 year old while it is showing.

DisneyInTheMorning's Readers Reviews and Comments on Disney In The Morning - Go Baby

Average Rating: (4.86) Out of 206 Reviews

Go Baby!  (Review 1 of 206)
Reviewed by Chris Wiggle on 3/14/2013 Rating: (11121)

Honestly, the show's pretty cute..with the acception of the
talking hand in the episodes.

I want a dvd  (Review 2 of 206)
Reviewed by Crystal on 10/25/2012 Rating: (11114)

I want a dvd for my daughter

My baby loves "Go Baby"!!  (Review 3 of 206)
Reviewed by Jennie on 8/20/2012 Rating: (11106)

My daughter is 9 months old and absolutely loves watching the babies! She's
just mastered clapping and waving hello and good bye, when the babies on
the show do it, so does she! We don't show her too much t.v. but "Go Baby" is
always good for her. Hoping I can find a DVD of the show.

Are the characters real?  (Review 4 of 206)
Reviewed by Mom & child on 5/8/2012 Rating: (11104)

I watch this with my 10 yr old. We want to know if the babies
are based on real people or just graphics? The boy and girl are
so cute but we were wondering if they are grown people or just
images on the scene.

UkLtkOBlE  (Review 5 of 206)
Reviewed by jLqdDOHB on 3/21/2012 Rating: (11090)

My youngest gaudhter (now 12) and I are huge Bill Peet fans. Every drawing is it's own story and when combined sequentially they really draw us into the story as they transcend what there on the page. There will never be another like Bill Peet. Simply amazing.I didn't know these existed. Thanks!

Try Baby Einstein  (Review 6 of 206)
Reviewed by Chris on 12/3/2011 Rating: (11037)

I could not find Go Baby DVDs. But I highly recommend Baby
Einstein for them. You can find them at a lot of places online.
I have one myself that I'm thinking of putting on eBay if
anyone's interested.

i love go baby  (Review 7 of 206)
Reviewed by emma on 4/28/2011 Rating: (10949)

my son loves go baby so much please bring it back
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bring this awesome show back he
loves ittt

What a hit with babies  (Review 8 of 206)
Reviewed by Amy on 3/14/2011 Rating: (10915)

My little guy loves this show, he smiles and laughs from
beginning to end. It is rare to find a show that will hold his
attention for the duration but this one does. It would be
played nonstop at our house if it were available on DVD. What a
great idea!

Go Baby!!!  (Review 9 of 206)
Reviewed by cmduffy on 2/21/2011 Rating: (10898)

When my son was 6 months old this came on and he just laughed
throuout the whole show and actually watched it we didnt even
have the television on for him. It was just on in the
background! he loved it and I eould love to show it to my 10
month old daughter also. Bring them out on DVD!!! We dont have
cable or satelite tv anymore so a DVD would be great!!!

GO BABY FOREVER!  (Review 10 of 206)
Reviewed by Renee on 11/21/2010 Rating: (10815)

My children are 18, 15 & 6 yrs old. Every morning we would sit
in front of the tv so my little one could watch go baby. I have
been searching high and low to find episodes on the internet but
they only have one interactive game or they other place I found
them are in spanish. I am a grown woman and am having Go Baby
withdrawls and my daughter would love to watch the show now that
she's older. PLEASE DISNEY!!! Bring Go Baby back or put it on
DVD!!! I think the parents of the younger children today would
enjoy this show.

GO BABY!  (Review 11 of 206)
Reviewed by Molly on 11/16/2010 Rating: (10810)

Baby and Sophie are kids now, don't you think?

Go Baby  (Review 12 of 206)
Reviewed by Isabelle on 3/25/2010 Rating: (4772)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we get episodes of this very cute
program on dvd? My grandson is the biggest fan!!!!

go baby   (Review 13 of 206)
Reviewed by samantha on 2/10/2010 Rating: (4753)

my baby sammi loves this show best one keeps her quiet for the
5 minutes an i also sit too watch with her lol love it mommy
and baby time together is great

Go Baby  (Review 14 of 206)
Reviewed by Lisa Lopez on 1/5/2010 Rating: (4717)

As soon as my 10 month and 2 year old grandchildren hear the
song, their attention is on the video. I have the same
questions other parents have, "When is it going to be on DVD?"
I don't see where you have provided an answer--did I miss it?

Mom of 2  (Review 15 of 206)
Reviewed by mellis on 10/17/2009 Rating: (4589)

My first born would only watch Go Baby. I would love for my
second child to be able to watch it. Is there a DVD avaliable?

GO Baby!!  (Review 16 of 206)
Reviewed by Mother of a GO BABY Fan!!! on 9/17/2009 Rating: (4570)

Please make multiple DVDS!!! I want to purchase for my child and
other family members. Thanks

go baby dvd wanted  (Review 17 of 206)
Reviewed by mom of 2 on 7/5/2009 Rating: (4500)

my two year old loved this show. we had them all saved on our
dvr and they disapeared. It was the only thing he liked at
night when in pain from teething. I need a dvd for my new 6
month old. Is it available?

what happend?? where can i watch it  (Review 18 of 206)
Reviewed by amber on 6/6/2009 Rating: (4476)

my son watched this little series a couple years ago and i would
love for my daughter to see it now. anyone know where i can find
videos of it?

wiggels  (Review 19 of 206)
Reviewed by Briana Nicole Carvoo on 5/10/2009 Rating: (4450)

I think your show is cool and,awsome you guys are funny with
your danceing habbits

PLAY HOUSE DISNEY  (Review 20 of 206)
Reviewed by Kayla on 1/18/2009 Rating: (4312)

I love go babby thanks to you we have go babby im soooooo
happy for you

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