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Handy Manny

Handy Manny is the newest show on Playhouse Disney for preschoolers. This 30 minute show is broken down into two 15 minute episodes to capture your child's attention.

This show is about a handy man named Manny who is bilingual; speaking both English and Spanish. Each story incorporates both languages, including counting to eight in Spanish, and several other words done in both languages. Handy Manny is a great way to introduce your English or Spanish speaking child to another language in a fun way.

During each story Manny and his talking tools will fix a problem in their community while giving an easy lesson for children to understand.

Regular characters include the eight tools, among them Philippe the Phillips head screwdriver, Pat the hammer and more. Also in each story is Mr. Lobart and his cat Fluffy. Mr. Lobart is the one person on the show who never wants any help. Because he won't accept Manny's help he provides comic relief when he has problems doing things. This also teaches children that it is okay to ask for help.

Premiering this week on the Disney Channel, Handy Manny quickly captured my 4 year olds attention and has become one of his favorite television shows. I love having him watch this program because of the multicultural lessons he learns in each episode.

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DisneyInTheMorning's Readers Reviews and Comments on Disney In The Morning - Handy Manny

Average Rating: (4.40) Out of 230 Reviews

The accent!   (Review 1 of 230)
Reviewed by Dar on 3/6/2015 Rating: (11199)

I have no problem with the content of this show and I don't care about the
stereotypes. What I find appalling is that shows like Dora and Handy Manny are
half English and half Spanish, on non Spanish channels. The accent is the worst
of all! I don't care if the character is Spanish, Asian, Indian whatever you like and
they can dress or do whatever. The accent is unacceptable though. NOT
Especially those of us that are raising bilingual kids. We as parents depend on
these shows to help teach our kids to learn to speak correct English. (When they
are not in daycare or school and when we are busy working) These half English
half Spanish shows are very confusing. It's a shame and I won't be putting Disney
on anymore

AROanXubdHSRtTfUKj  (Review 2 of 230)
Reviewed by Rsiqykkqx on 8/24/2012 Rating: (11107)

Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely well werttin article. I will be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I will definitely return.

Not Racist at all  (Review 3 of 230)
Reviewed by I love Handy Manny on 1/26/2012 Rating: (11066)

This is rediculous, honestly you " Mexicans" on here are stupid.
Handy Manny isnt racist, its to show more culture and showing
the mexican way isnt always jumpting fences.
Manny helps all his neighbors and friends, he is giving caring
and many more very positave nice things.
I think all you including blacks, mexicans and chinses want to
act like all people are racist and do anything they can to act
they are being hurt.
I think you people like to think you are looked down upon and
so you and other people can feel bad for yourselves.
Stop it, your no different stop thinking your so special that
they wasted all that time and money to make fun of Mexicans.
Grow up you stupid idiots, Disney Junior is for children to
learn, have fun and to grow not for you lames to be ignorant
and rude about.
FYI- ignorant means lack of education for you non-educated
people because obviously none of you are.

Really people is this what we're focused on?  (Review 4 of 230)
Reviewed by Todd Dupuis on 9/20/2011 Rating: (11006)

Wake up everyone! I cannot believe the amount of negative
attention you are all putting on this show and others like it.
Who Cares what nationality Manny or any of the other characters
are? Do any of you have the ability to see why there is such
rampant hate in your Country and others its because of our
parental examples feeding their children minds with their views
instead of allowing their children to form their own as they
grow up. Did you ever stop to realize how it is a child does not
see colour or race until it is pointed out to them? You are the
ones responsible for corrupting their minds not Disney. I was
surprised to see that on the show today which featured Manny
racing that there may have been the celebrity voice of Mr Dale
Earnhart Jr "Nascar's most popular driver" as the race
commentator. You better be careful now everyone your children
might start talking funny. I am kidding by the way this was my
way of again pointing out how rediculous some of you are
behaving. My son is six months old and all I care about is that
he is learning period. If he learns about other humun beings and
the different cultures they all come from than that is great
too. It will make him a better person when he grows up. Well
that is just my two cents on this matter you know us Canadians
we love everyone!

re Handy Manny  (Review 5 of 230)
Reviewed by wf853 on 6/23/2011 Rating: (10973)

The abject ignorance and lack of objectivity of so many never
fails to amaze me. Few here seem concerned with truth or fact;
apparently these are just annoyances to them. For example,
someone wrote that all of the tools are "Spanish". They must have
meant Mexican but in either case, they'd be wrong. Pat, Turner,
Squeeze and possibly others do not have a Meso-American accent.
Anyone who cannot see the racism in this transparently racist
cartoon is either a complete fool or purposefully obtuse. Those
here seeking to minimize the racism ands its concomitant ill
effects would probably be outraged if "the shoe was on the other
foot". Imagine a "mere" child's cartoon portraying every
Caucasian as normal and superior and every Mexican a complete
buffoon (with the lone exception of an attractive young female).
The outrage over the flagrant racism would run the show off the
air; and it’s this blatant racism that’s at the core of every
single episode of "Handy Manny". I know as I've watched virtually
every episode over the past few years with my daughter. If
double-standards are fine with you except when they work against
you, then only those as unjust, unreasonable, blind and foolish
as you will be sympathetic when you do complain.

re Handy Manny  (Review 6 of 230)
Reviewed by wf853 on 6/23/2011 Rating: (10974)

I have not yet "censored" her viewing this program for a variety
of reasons that I won't discuss here.

Handy Manny is awesome!!!  (Review 7 of 230)
Reviewed by Sherry on 3/20/2011 Rating: (10918)

This is a Great show.My daughter is autistic and she loves
Handy Manny.I don't understand all the negative feedbacks from
these parents.This show teaches children about getting along
with others,working out your problems,praise and to never give
up.They have disabled children,healthy children and children of
all ethnic backgrounds to show that everyone is different.I
think that the people that are complaining about this show
needs to get a grip on reality.It IS a kids show.As far as
Mr.Lopart goes I don't think they are trying to portray him as
being stupid.I think they are letting the kids see that no
matter what you do try your best.If you need help it is okay to
ask for help.This show makes my daughter happy and she believes
that Handy Manny can fix anything.I think this is a great show.

Wilmer Valderrama is HORRIBLE!  (Review 8 of 230)
Reviewed by DisneyFan on 3/2/2011 Rating: (10910)

My 7 year old likes the show ok, not her fave, but it drives me
CRAZY! LOL. How come the top link in google isn't "Wilver
Valderamma is a terrible actor"? Doesn't anyone else notice
that he is just reading the script instead of acting? Horribly?
I feel like I am listening to an lesson of "English as a second
language". The other voice talent tries to act, Wilmer acts
like he phones it in from the pool. How in the world did he get
this gig when he not only can't act, but can't read? It is
truly painful to listen to: "Hel-lo Mr. Plum-mer... let's see
how...we..can re..pair the toy..let" Someone give this guy
lessons in voice inflection.

Old man and Handy  (Review 9 of 230)
Reviewed by MomTeacher on 1/21/2011 Rating: (10870)

I am said to find that a great show is on tv but the old white
man is unable to do anything on his own. He is portrayed as
ignorant and stupid this is not the way characters should be
treated in a cartoon for children. If the roles of the characters
were reversed and the old white man was any man or women of a
minority this show would be considered an outrage. Really what
man or women can fix everything Handy should also be looking to
learn how to ask for help more often from other people. While my
son will continue to watch the show I am not encouraging this
type of mass media.

Racism Rampant...not quite  (Review 10 of 230)
Reviewed by FreeFromAntics on 11/30/2010 Rating: (10828)

My son watches every show on Disney in the morning and loves
them all, mostly Mickey...but Handy Manny is on and he watches it
every day. I have no problems with this, as his mother is
Hispanic and I am Irish-American (I hate that blacks are
AfricanAmerican but whites are all just white....I am not the
same as a German decent or British decent...I am Irish decent),
so he is going to learn Spanish either well as other
languages as I don't agree with single language anyways.

Manny though is disgraceful in it's protrayal of ALL characters.
To start, we all know Manny is the cliche can fix it all Mexican
(I say Mexican because it has never been specified, but I assume
Mexican due to the majority of Mexicans in America). He can fix
anything.....honestly I don't know a single Hispanic decent that
can fix anything thats broken, and those that can fix things
usually don't fix it properly but rather with makeshift parts or
repairs. TO attest to this my grandparents in law have a house
full of random parts used to fix everything; a double way door
hinge (swinging door) for a regular door. 3 small peices of wood
pushed into a door frame to fill a small gap, duct tape on many
things that are unseen, etc. When I fix anything in my home it is
only with the correct parts and if I dont have them then I will
get them.

The next thing is the number of Hispanics in town compared to
non-Hispanics. Now I do know that there are a rising number of
minorites in America...but to say that honestly minorites are
over taking caucasians is proposterous....I live in Tucson and
still see 1 Hispanic to every 10 whites....and even less blacks.
But in Manny's town the Mayor is Hispanic as well as most of the
other primary characters....except Kelly and Lopart.

Kelly and Manny obviously, as all of us adults can see, have some
relationship going on that is unseen...but enough inuendos.
Lopart....they have got to change his character or add another
strong white character to balance him out. Lopart doesn't ever
want help, he is stupid, and he is thick headed. I know many
people OF ALL RACES (mostly blacks) that are this way, but it is
unfair that the only white male character we see on Manny is
always screwing up and doesn't want the Mexican to help
him......really? My kid isn't learning this?

If they want to show cliches then it is time to add the lazy
black guy who wants Manny to do everything for him and not pay
for anything or even say thank you who is rude to
everyone...because I know plenty of these types. Then the smart
black guy who is a major sucess and (I say this because I have no
other ways to say it) acts and talks white. Then they need to
have more white people who are capable but just need help and are
not stupid and thick headed.

I appreciate the value of Manny, but honestly there is so much
racism in the show. And to whoever said they need to take out
Manny's accent...Wilmar's voice is accented....he can't helkp
it....and a lot of Hispanics HAVE ACCENTS.

I LOVE HANDY MANNY!  (Review 11 of 230)
Reviewed by Andy G. on 11/26/2010 Rating: (10825)

I do love Handy Manny! One of the best shows ever on PD! The only
thing I want back on PD is Clay.

Leave the show alone  (Review 12 of 230)
Reviewed by Ha! on 11/12/2010 Rating: (10805)

I'm half white half Mexican and that's bs what people r saying! It's a kid show
who cares. U can turn any sentence into something perverted I'm sure they don't
mean anything by it. If it is racist r u going to critisize swiper the fox of Dora for
always stealing the Hispanic girls stuff? There's no racism there. There aren't
even Hispanics in most of the other shows, they bring one on to teach about the
growing culture and people shoot it down for racism.

wow  (Review 13 of 230)
Reviewed by christy on 11/10/2010 Rating: (10804)

My kids really seem to like the show. I am white. I really dont
find much wrong with the show. Its cute, yes the poor old man
is always doing something dumb but its kinda like Tim on tool
time, we all find that funny. Anyway im gonna let my kids
watch. Sure hope i spelled everthing right. Right below the
submit button, if you can read it says no profanity. I do
beleive some of these comments should me removed.

i cannot believe all the reviews  (Review 14 of 230)
Reviewed by chatafu on 10/31/2010 Rating: (10800)

I think Handy Manny is great!!! My son loves it... I think
these kids are learning all the bad from the words comming out
of their parents mouth!!!! The show to me is not about making
people look dumb or learning spanish the wrong way, its about
helping people. Shame on all for judging this show- there are
far more worst shows that im sure these people are letting
there kids watch!!!!

Dora, Handy Manny and Diego  (Review 15 of 230)
Reviewed by Influenced in Indiana on 10/14/2010 Rating: (10785)

If I want my kid to be confused while trying to properly learning
to speak English I'd let him watch those.

Those shows should be banned from cable/satellite and being able
to influence my kid. If he wants to learn a second language, I'll
let him CHOOSE to himself when he's in high school or college.

Until then I'll concentrate on the proper teachings of the
American language...English!

I was thinking of canceling my satellite service because of this
very issue this is how I stumbled upon this site...nice to know
I'm not alone!

Anonomious  (Review 16 of 230)
Reviewed by Anonomious on 9/30/2010 Rating: (10512)

I am with Lynn I love how youall mispell words but Alex's mommy
pick one side it's all or none be the bigger person and pick
one side College is way infrount of your childs age and
probaply would have forgoten it anyway.

Interesting  (Review 17 of 230)
Reviewed by Just Me on 9/24/2010 Rating: (10434)

My daughter loves this show and guess what? She's not Mexican,
Caucasion or even black. She is Japanese and Vietmanese. Yep,
thats right. She loves Handy Manny and Wilmer Valderrama. She's
2. And I allow her to watch all the shows on Disney- Handy
Manny, Mickey Mouse, Imagination Movers, and even the older
kids shows-Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place etc... And
have you noticed the disclaimer at the bottom of the 'submit'
button? Read the first one and fourth one and then go back and
read the comments... You'll see...

Handy Manny  (Review 18 of 230)
Reviewed by Un Blancisimo Hispano Hablante on 8/22/2010 Rating: (8589)

In about 5 minutes of viewing I had this show summed up---it's
the new ultra Sesame Street, intended to infiltrate our kids'
minds and promote multiculturalism (read: hispanic culture) above
American culture. The whites are so white they're pink, and with
a comb-over to boot. What losers the whites are! SOOO uncool
kids! Manny is so capable and friendly!
This show is the reason the older generations ask in dismay,
"Since when did we have to press 2 for English?" and the youngest
generation looks at them with embarrassment as racist bigots...
SOOO uncool grandma!

Rock On!!!  (Review 19 of 230)
Reviewed by Samantha Caras on 8/11/2010 Rating: (7915)

My favorite Episode is where Manny play his guitar on stage
while Danny Starr sings to the crowd.

Reverse Racism  (Review 20 of 230)
Reviewed by Jack LaCorte on 6/27/2010 Rating: (5750)

I shut the show off when it comes on and put on recordings of Mickey Mouse
Clubhouse. Mr. Lopart is a white guy who can't do anything right. Kelly's brother also
always does something stupid. Can't read signs, doesn't pack for vacation then breaks
his ankle. Unless the characters bear some sort of minority status as in non-white or
non-female, they're portrayed as an idiot. Yes, I'm sorry... that's discrimination. How
much of an uproar would there be if it was reversed? There are only two hispanic men
in the show and they act like Mr. Lophart or Kelly's brother? Oh, then you'd REALLY
hear about it. The show would be yanked off the air faster than you can say vaminos!

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