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Higglytown Heroes

Higglytown Heroes is an upbeat children's show that will remind all parents of their past enjoyment with Weebles that wobble but they don't fall down. While the Higglytown children have flat bottoms and don't wobble, they do have a place to store their hats, mittens and other important items in their bellies.

The group They Might Be Giants, who are now well known in the preschooler age group for their video Here Come the A B C's, did the theme song for the Higglytown Heros. Music and imagination fill the Higglytown Heroes show with 2 episodes per show that can be seen daily on Playhouse Disney.

The object of this show which follows the daily life of Kip, Wayne, Twinkle, Fran (a Squirrel), and Eubie is to show the children that anyone can be a hero. The Pizza Guy and another adult who ends up being able to show them how to do something usually join the Weeble-like children, and the person helping them becomes a Higglytown Hero. For example, in one episode the kids are looking for their missing cat, and it is the day of the cat's birthday party. Well, they find her up a tree, and she has had kittens. The Fire Department shows up, and helps them to get the cats down. In this episode, the Firemen are the Higglytown Heroes.

This show is very entertaining, and in most episodes will showcase Twinkle's very vivid imagination. Someone Special Who Can It Be can be heard during each show as the kids prepare to meet this episodes Hero. While as adults we tend to look at those who save lives as heroes, this show is much more simplistic. Here children will learn that Dentists, Phone Operators and more can be a hero.

Higglytown Heroes is a wonderful show for both the target audience of 3 to 6 year olds, but also the parent or guardian of the child.

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DisneyInTheMorning's Readers Reviews and Comments on Disney In The Morning - Higglytown Heroes

Average Rating: (4.51) Out of 67 Reviews

gizKsMBl  (Review 1 of 67)
Reviewed by SyDRKjdVBgUPLW on 5/5/2012 Rating: (11100)

Overall this sing-a-long has a good variety of songs. Circle of Life Lion King Part of Your World Little Mermaid Prince Ali - Aladdin I Just Can't Wait to Be King Lion King Belle Beauty and the Beast Ev'rybody Wants to Be a Cat -Aristocats Hakuna Matata -Lion King The Lion Sleeps Tonight -Lion King's Timon and Pumba Yummy, Yummy, Yummy The Lion King's Timon and Pumba W-I-L-D Jungle Book 2 Jungle Rhythm Jungle Book 2 When You Wish Upon A Star Pinocchio I am a tecaher and love to use these sing-a-longs in my classes to get my kids singing. They have all seen most of the movies and love singing along with the animals. I recommend this along with Bare Necessities. These are both excellent and the kids love them. I teach 4th-6th graders.

Higglytown Heroes Toys for Christmas 2011  (Review 2 of 67)
Reviewed by Chris on 12/3/2011 Rating: (11039)

They have Higglytown Heroes toys at the merchandise section. As
for the show (in my own opinion), I like the show myself. But,
I would like it more if Disney made a movie for Higglytown
Heroes. They should call it Eubie Makes a Movie. Eubie is the
main character of the show.

FUN FACT: Higglytown Heroes is returning in Feburary 2012 on
Disney Junior.

Message #2  (Review 3 of 67)
Reviewed by Chris on 11/17/2011 Rating: (11026)

Message to Loving Aunt: There is a Higglytown Heroes VHS on
eBay!! Good luck, Loving Aunt!! :)

Higglytown Heroes  (Review 4 of 67)
Reviewed by Chris on 2/26/2011 Rating: (10909)

I do not like this show anymore. The reason why I gave a gold
star is because of Kip and Fran.

we miss it  (Review 5 of 67)
Reviewed by chris on 1/30/2011 Rating: (10873)

why is it not on any more bring it back please

Why did you take it away?  (Review 6 of 67)
Reviewed by Loved it on 9/2/2010 Rating: (9316)

Why do you take the things my son loves away? The shows that
he likes on Disney are going away. Have you noticed any rating
drops when you take away shows that are liked? Don't you take
a poll before you do this kind of stuff? Please bring back
some of the old and good cartoons. Some of the new ones are
just YACK!!!!!

Higglytown Heroes!!!!  (Review 7 of 67)
Reviewed by <3 Gabby <3 on 6/12/2010 Rating: (5125)

Ok Disney, you have been too far! Why did you take off
HIGGLYTOWN HEROES???? it was the best show ever! i used too
watch it everyday and know i cant!!! why did you put all the
other STUPID shows we have too day! Like....... Jungle
Junction, Imagination Movers,Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, My friends
tiger and pooh!!!! they are dumb and imature!!! We all want
Rollie Pollie Ollie, The doodlebops,Bear in the big blue
house,The wiggles, HIGGLYTOWN HEROES, Jojo's Circus, Koala
Brothers! Well i guess you are getting too were im going with
ALL this! so please thier are many little kids,teens, and even
adults who all LOVE these shows! All we are asking for is all
the old shows! and maybe you will get alot more fewers!!!! So
please i know you wont listin too me but Listin too all the
KIDS!!!!!!! <3 <3 PLEASE <3 <3

BRING THe show BAck!  (Review 8 of 67)
Reviewed by MissCurlyHair on 3/11/2010 Rating: (4766)

Come on, Playhouse Disney. Bring our oldies back. I loved
Higglytown Heroes when I was a kid, and I still do. I'm tired
with the crap you put on Playhouse Disney now. Jungle Junction
is a big snore, and so are the other crappy shows on Playhouse
Disney. I mean the new ones, so boring. Bring our favorites

love &hate  (Review 9 of 67)
Reviewed by kellyx3disney on 10/23/2009 Rating: (4605)

i dont like how the girl has an obbsesion wirth pickles thats
gross. there voices can be annoying but the fact that there
eggs are hilarious. the song really gets on my nerves and gets
stuck in your head im happy its not on anymore

Higglytown heroes  (Review 10 of 67)
Reviewed by caring aunt on 8/25/2009 Rating: (4549)

you know to that 48 year old dad i dont think you came out polite
because it sounds like your rude. just because your polite does not
mean every one is going to be like you. every body has a different

MY SHOE  (Review 11 of 67)
Reviewed by KAYLEE on 6/30/2009 Rating: (4499)


what happend?? where can i watch it  (Review 12 of 67)
Reviewed by amber on 6/6/2009 Rating: (4477)

my son asked about this show the other day. where can i get
videos of it?

gio  (Review 13 of 67)
Reviewed by gio on 3/18/2009 Rating: (4387)

i don't know why they don't have legs.

My Nephew loves this show!  (Review 14 of 67)
Reviewed by Loving Aunt on 1/5/2009 Rating: (4284)

I'm asking anyone that can help me! I'm looking for Higglytown
in a DVD or VHS my little nephew. He just Loves this show, I
take him away from it morning to go with me to do crossing guard,
so I was looking for it in a DVD so I could take my portable DVD
player so he can watch it while we sit there and wait for the
kids to come.

We watch HH almost every morning  (Review 15 of 67)
Reviewed by A not-so-concerned Dad on 1/27/2008 Rating: (3983)

and ya'll must watch a different version. They "eat and eat?"
Hmmm, never saw that one. You know, I'm 48 years old and my
parents didn't fret over every silly little thing I saw or
heard, and I turned out to be a healthy, happy, polite,
helpful, friendly, curteous person. People, relax!!! It's a
kids' CARTOON!!!

Party Supply dilemma  (Review 16 of 67)
Reviewed by Not-So-Concerned Dad {again} on 1/27/2008 Rating: (3984)

Hello again... I found this website while looking for HH party
supplies for our daughter's b-day on 3/22... have any of you
ever found ANYTHING? I can't and it's crazy! Then again,
maybe that's a good thing, because you know at a birthday
party, the kids are going to (Heaven FORBID......) "Eat And
Eat!!!" lol

Great Show!!  (Review 17 of 67)
Reviewed by Mary on 11/20/2007 Rating: (3904)

Every episode shows how "anyone" can be a Higglytown Hero. Food
is not the focal point of the show. The kids are always outside
playing and using their imagination (what more could we want for
our kids?). Yes, pizza guy is a character in every episode, but
the kids don't sit around eating. I believe the show also
introduces diversity by having several different "families".
Anyway, I feel the messages are good and my son loves the show.
We watch with him, so anything can be discussed if need be.

Concerned Mother   (Review 18 of 67)
Reviewed by Concerned Mother on 11/1/2007 Rating: (3846)

i do understand your point about making a soldier a hero but
the show is more about food than anything.i don't know if they
have a big profit to promote food items or what,but the show
promotes too much food.
we have a problem with obesity in this country .
do any of you see that?.
half of the time the show is on is about it.please if you see
this make a comment .please.

great show...  (Review 19 of 67)
Reviewed by Army wife on 10/27/2007 Rating: (3840)

Our family loves this show. We watch it everyday... at least
once, but I do agree with the previous person who asked why
soldiers have never been picked as Higgly Heroes. I even tried
to help my son "make his hero" on the Disney website, and there
wasn't anything to resemble a military person to represent his
dad. Just curious...

higgly town heros   (Review 20 of 67)
Reviewed by Concerned Mother on 10/5/2007 Rating: (3810)

higgly town heros as far as i can see is the show about Russian
dols who eat and eat and eat.that is the only thing i saw on
the show.talking about food especially pizza and we all know
that if you talk about food long enough you will get
is not enough that we have obisity problem in kids but to get
them to think about food while watching the cartoon....i think
is wrong and it should be at least considered to have more
HEALTHY food on there like fruit or something.
thank you
Concerned Mother

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