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Imagination Movers

Imagination Movers is the latest Playhouse Disney show spawned from a 5 minute short that was shown between other shows. This program is similar to the Wiggles with 4 men, a female side character, a warehouse mouse and a man who is trying to make everything boring.

Each episode is approximately 22 minutes and includes songs and silliness that involve the Movers, warehouse mouse, Nina and Mr. Nitnot who is Nina's Uncle. The Movers sing such songs as 'Jump Ropin' are sung during each episode of Imagination Movers along with a secondary song. These are bookended by the theme song and final song which remain the same for each episode. The songs during the show do have lyrics that incite children to get up and move.

The premise of each show is to solve a problem which they call an ID Emergency. This could be an air-conditioning issue, a tooth-ache or something different. During each show they will solve the ID Emergency before singing their goodbye song.

The movers are Rich and he plays the drums. Smitty plays the guitar, Dave always wears a red hat and then there is Scott. Scott plays the piano, but he also has special red glasses that enable him to see things others can't.

This show was much anticipated by our son who will be six in a few weeks. The Imagination Movers lived up to their hype. From a child's eyes, this show is wonderful. From a parents point of view it is a cute show, and these 4 men do definitely seem like the Wiggles for a new generation of kids. In their words: The Imagination Movers will help you figure things out.

DisneyInTheMorning's Readers Reviews and Comments on Disney In The Morning - Imagination Movers

Average Rating: (4.68) Out of 44 Reviews

nina  (Review 1 of 44)
Reviewed by nathan on 11/18/2014 Rating: (11198)

i love this show i love nina

zYprxbwsbYfqP  (Review 2 of 44)
Reviewed by RaYPcXOOmSRdnSwY on 1/15/2012 Rating: (11058)

This was so helpful and easy! Do you have any atrlices on rehab?

I want to meet the Imagination Movers  (Review 3 of 44)
Reviewed by Deborah Higdon on 4/23/2011 Rating: (10943)

I really want to meet the Imagination Movers at their concert's LIVE. I would really want
to meet Mover Scott because he has Wobble Goggles that I want to have for myself
forever to. And I really would want to meet Mover Scott because I am so in love with
Mover Scott because he is my dream husband and he is my prince charming as well. I
really love you Mover Scott. You Are Not Alone Mover Scott.

Imagination Movers  (Review 4 of 44)
Reviewed by Deborah Higdon on 3/18/2011 Rating: (10917)

I really want to meet the Imagination Movers because I want to
see them in person LIVE at their concert's and I really want to
meet Mover Scott because I have a huge crush on him because I
am in love with him and he is so cute and is my dream husband.

GREAT male role models!  (Review 5 of 44)
Reviewed by Steckbecks on 2/20/2011 Rating: (10893)

With so FEW children friendly male role models out there..this
band ROCKS!
My 3 year old son stutters and when he sings the imagination
movers songs he stops stuttering...STOPS COMPLETLY! He does'nt
do this for any other songs. I and my son are fans for
life...thanks Movers for being those male role models young men
are needing....and not to mention your songs are wondermous! :)

FINALLY! A Warehouse Mouse Plush Doll!  (Review 6 of 44)
Reviewed by Stitches N Bows on 1/21/2011 Rating: (10869)

This is an awesome show! The kids love it!

To all of the parents looking for a Warehouse Mouse plush doll, I
make one. He is approximately 12 inches high and made to look
like the show's mouse. He is made of fleece. Here is a link to
the doll that I made. Each one will be a little different because
they are hand made. You can contact me at the email below.

stitchesnbowssewing at

Ewww.  (Review 7 of 44)
Reviewed by Alton & Virginia. on 1/5/2011 Rating: (10857)

Well our kidds dont watch this show, the men on here are like
40 something years old, and want to sing to my children i dont
think so....ewww !

Imagination Movers  (Review 8 of 44)
Reviewed by Doris on 12/3/2010 Rating: (10830)

My 6 year old granddaughter loves this show. I really like
Scott's glasses. Where could I purchase a pair? Thanks.


plush animal  (Review 9 of 44)
Reviewed by Sarah on 11/26/2010 Rating: (10823)

for those people looking for the plush and who can't find it,
you can contact this store on etsy, they are making me 2 for
christmas presents.

Where is Warehouse Mouse?  (Review 10 of 44)
Reviewed by Stephanie Prock on 11/5/2010 Rating: (10801)

Love, love the show!! I'm not even sure if my TV is still capable
of allowing us to view another show. Where is Warehouse mouse? My
son would love a stuffed warehouse mouse!! I've looked all over the
internet and it looks like a lot of people are looking for one too.

WHERE IS WAREHOUSE MOUSE??  (Review 11 of 44)
Reviewed by LAUREN on 10/27/2010 Rating: (10792)


waaaaaaaaaah   (Review 12 of 44)
Reviewed by justin on 9/3/2010 Rating: (9345)

where can i find a warehouse mouse plush toy. my little 3 year
old is addicted to this show and a toy like that would be ideal
for xmas. the only place iv seen them is amazon and they say
there not sure whether they will be able to restock them
soooooo i know they exist but where. waaaaaaaaaaaaaah

movers  (Review 13 of 44)
Reviewed by anne/lizzie on 6/6/2010 Rating: (4828)

My daughter & i love the show. When r u coming 2 san antonio? My mom went 2 school w/ one of durbins relatives

Great Show  (Review 14 of 44)
Reviewed by caseymom on 3/4/2010 Rating: (4765)

This show is great. My 2 yrs old knows when the clock shows
the big hand at 12 and the little hand at 7 it is time for the
movers. He dose the mover dance and sings along with them. W
With the bright colors on the show it helps him learn his
colors. We can't wait till we can go to one of their shows.
We will be going to Disney in September and look forword to
seeing them.

Warehouse Mouse!  (Review 15 of 44)
Reviewed by Priscilla on 2/27/2010 Rating: (4764)

Warehouse Mouse is available at the Imagination Movers website
now! I just got one for my 2 year old. Too bad the color is a
little off, but she loves it anyway.

Are you dense?  (Review 16 of 44)
Reviewed by Mari on 1/8/2010 Rating: (4720)

It's IDEA emergency, not ID emergency. The show is great though.

Where is Warehouse Mouse??  (Review 17 of 44)
Reviewed by Ben on 12/13/2009 Rating: (4675)

I can't find a warehouse mouse plush toy. It's unbelievable
that Disney missed the opportunity to tap this hot market!!
Where are these toys?

Wonderful  (Review 18 of 44)
Reviewed by WV Mom on 11/14/2009 Rating: (4654)

If you like the TV show, you HAVE to see them live. They are
fantastic! Everyone is engaged and included in the entire and adults alike. They are out in the audience,
shaking hands and including the kids. I can't say enough about
them. I would love to find some more daughter
would LOVE to have a Warehouse Mouse.

Warehouse Mouse  (Review 19 of 44)
Reviewed by nome on 10/23/2009 Rating: (4610)

My family loves the show, my 7yr old daugher loves to dance and
sing along, and my 1yr old son love warehouse mouse, but I
cannot seem to find a plush one for him, he watches the shorts
with warehouse mouse and laughs as he grabs at the television.

GREAT SHOW!  (Review 20 of 44)
Reviewed by Chris S. on 10/20/2009 Rating: (4595)

My daughter (5) and son (4) absolutely LOVE this show...and I
have to confess that my husband & I enjoy watching it too! We
love to get up and dance with the kids (who think it's pretty
funny to watch Mommy & Daddy dance around the living room).
Thank goodness for our DVR or it would be torture waiting for
the show to come on every day. I have about 10 shows recorded
that I can turn on at any time. The best thing, though, is
that my daughter said the other day (when we were trying to
figure out a problem) "Hey! This is an idea
emergency.....let's BRAINSTORM!" The Movers are great at
teaching kids how to think through and solve problems in a fun
and energetic way. One of the best kid shows to come out in a
long, long time. My only question is...where can I buy a
Warehouse Mouse???

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