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JoJo's Circus

JoJo's Circus is a 30-minute show seen daily on Playhouse Disney. Each episode showcases JoJo Tickle and her pet lion Goliath, who are going to school for circus performers. JoJo wants to follow in her parents' footsteps and be a clown. Her best friend Skeebo is also going to be a clown. Joining them in class is Trina the ballerina, and Croaky the frog on the flying trapeze, Tater the potato, and Dinky the young elephant who is a little unsure of himself. A frequent visitor on the show is Bal Boa, a snake of course.

Each episode of JoJo's Circus is about 11 minutes, and two episodes are in each show. JoJo really tries to involve the television audience in her show and after giving a direction she will even pause for the audience to do what she has said. This show is all about movement; singing, dancing and getting up on your feet. As each 11-minute episode ends, JoJo is asked what she learned today. Of course, she then answers the question, not so subtly telling the viewers what the lesson is for what they such saw.

This is a great show for children, who will enjoy watching and participating, and they won't realize they have learned something until JoJo points it out. Playhouse Disney has had a hit with JoJo's Circus since 2003, and there are no signs of it letting up. Each episode is thoughtfully written to include the children watching, while at the same time imparting a quick lesson in the colorful scenes.

DisneyInTheMorning's Readers Reviews and Comments on Disney In The Morning - JoJos Circus

Average Rating: (4.62) Out of 52 Reviews

FAaXjXfBDBx  (Review 1 of 52)
Reviewed by hCSjKcnxGSAI on 1/16/2012 Rating: (11060)

Kewl you sohuld come up with that. Excellent!

EUDATWMcXnzSF  (Review 2 of 52)
Reviewed by IhtlejjNtYdk on 1/15/2012 Rating: (11059)

I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it understadnbale.

About Playhouse Disney  (Review 3 of 52)
Reviewed by Hassan Osman on 12/22/2011 Rating: (11053)

I Like Playhouse Disney when I was 1 year old, I had a Jojo's
Circus Playhouse along with Skeebo, Croaky, Dinky, Goliath the Lion
and Jojo when I was 5. I Like Playhouse Disney even Koala Brothers
and Jojo's Circus. THANK YOU SO.....................MUCH!

I want Jo Jo back  (Review 4 of 52)
Reviewed by Daisy on 4/2/2011 Rating: (10930)

I miss Jo Jo! I think the other shows that are on tv are not
nearly as good.I think the other shows that are on are not
thought threw when made.

we miss it  (Review 5 of 52)
Reviewed by chris on 1/30/2011 Rating: (10875)

please bring it back

bring it back  (Review 6 of 52)
Reviewed by ANON FAN on 12/4/2010 Rating: (10831)

i love Jojo circus i don't know why Disney took it off i am
looking for the games that are fun and i cannot find them

PLEASE BRING BACK JOJO CIRCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JoJo's Circus  (Review 7 of 52)
Reviewed by Lauren' Mom on 12/1/2010 Rating: (10829)

My daughter loved this show and even loves the song's. She is
down's and loves to listen to music. I had to buy her the CD
which she signs and dances to and also loves to swing to the
GIRL BACK!!! WE lOVE jOJO'S CIRCUS!!! Please bring back Jojo's
Circus Soon!! For those that don't like it: turn the channel...
there is lots of other channels, I'm sure you can find
something else for 30 min!! Which is what we do when Dora the
Explorer is on!! Thank You!

She's the best  (Review 8 of 52)
Reviewed by JOJO LOVER on 11/21/2010 Rating: (10816)

Was a very entertaining show! My daughter and I would watch her
every morning before her morning nap. Why is Disney taking off
all the good shows(like JoJo & Go Baby) & putting on other shows
nobody really likes? We only watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse &
Handy Manny now. So sad


JoJo  (Review 9 of 52)
Reviewed by Tink#8 on 11/14/2010 Rating: (10808)

I loved JoJo. Please please times 888888888888888 bring her
back please.

Don't like it  (Review 10 of 52)
Reviewed by Sorry on 9/2/2010 Rating: (9315)

My son and I most definitely agree that this show is horrible.
What is the point?

JoJo  (Review 11 of 52)
Reviewed by Kaila on 3/16/2010 Rating: (4771)

Why is your show of playhouse disney? i liked the game on
playhouse that you have to prepare a wedding but it is
not there anymore(boo hoo, boo hoo)

I lost my interest  (Review 12 of 52)
Reviewed by me on 1/26/2010 Rating: (4729)

I can't understand the interest of this show.

Jojo   (Review 13 of 52)
Reviewed by Disney Channel on 11/4/2009 Rating: (4633)


ughh terrible  (Review 14 of 52)
Reviewed by kellyx3disney on 10/23/2009 Rating: (4607)

i hate every character in this show i hate the song nothing
about it was good.

testertyry  (Review 15 of 52)
Reviewed by trterytryut on 10/19/2009 Rating: (4592)

N ,zn S.LMAL?kaL;shka, vnj;;
isqPAIOQpdourop8wi 0dw9qi er=3q9rm w3r=\wrt9w34=-2]rieru[-r0q23-
[fgpsdifpouisepais erd9ies0-fr9e,9 e4- 8ger9-t9er=9-t=e4-9t
QW8E9AWE78AW97EOAIWE7PAwei9wpaie90AQawer7s0aeuer0QU8 =-9AWE]

JOJO'S CIRCUS  (Review 16 of 52)
Reviewed by TODD in Montreal,Canada on 8/21/2009 Rating: (4546)

My daughter is just like the other kids,wakes up and says
jojo thank god for PVR.I her father can't even watch sports
anymore.I wish i could do something so it stays on.At 20 months
she is so active,but when the show is on she will sit a watch 5
episodes and jump,dance and laugh.

JoJo Circus  (Review 17 of 52)
Reviewed by Lauren on 8/5/2009 Rating: (4527)

Really wish this was put back on the air. My daugher loved
this show and asks for it all the time.

Bring JOJO Back1   (Review 18 of 52)
Reviewed by Laura on 7/13/2009 Rating: (4507)

My daughter loved this show along with Johnny and the Sprites.
I don't know why Disney cancelled it and put less motivational

We miss Jojo, too!  (Review 19 of 52)
Reviewed by Sarah on 6/11/2009 Rating: (4484)

My son used to love watching JoJo and he misses it so much!
Please bring her back!!

Bring Back JoJo!!  (Review 20 of 52)
Reviewed by TwinGirlsPlusOne on 4/20/2009 Rating: (4421)

This is my 3 year old girls and my favorite show... I would love
for my new baby to be able to watch JoJo, too!! I love that
it's educational and creative. There's no other show that
compares! The new shows are not as good!! I also LOVE all of
the special Holiday shows! The DVDs are not as good!!

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