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Koala Brothers

Frank and Buster are the Koala Brothers on Playhouse Disney. It is their mission each day to help a friend who is having a problem. Each episode of the Koala Brothers contains two stories, and each one will begin with Frank and Buster searching for the friend they are going to help during the episode.

Flying over the Australian Outback, Frank and Buster have many choices of friends to help, from Archie the Alligator, Polly the Penguin and Josie the Kangaroo, they are also joined by Mitzi, Ned, Sammy, and George, who are all other animals you will see in the Australian Outback.

Each character has his or her own personality, from the quick witted Archie to the slow thinker George, and even little Polly, who never speaks a word, yet still gets her point across.

The Koala Brothers has another great theme song. There is something about these children's shows from Australia that draws the attention of both adults and preschool aged children. The Koala Brothers really drive home the lesson that it is good to help others. Kids will learn that helping others is fun.

This show is fun for children to watch, and has a great message. Once again, good job Disney Channel!

DisneyInTheMorning's Readers Reviews and Comments on Disney In The Morning - Koala Brothers

Average Rating: (4.82) Out of 22 Reviews

QsJMgQKPImsKdFxqm  (Review 1 of 22)
Reviewed by ufIqEqzslimEtvr on 9/4/2012 Rating: (11108)

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jhFBFSNehhTBcj  (Review 2 of 22)
Reviewed by SoEVsBUDg on 9/4/2012 Rating: (11109)

I'm on work experience

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Reviewed by dMdoumTpA on 9/4/2012 Rating: (11110)

I'm a housewife

BxXGJnKcWJFKTKOwyvq  (Review 4 of 22)
Reviewed by dMdoumTpA on 9/4/2012 Rating: (11111)

I'm a housewife

iUZseYPzKYUSHCWZvmi  (Review 5 of 22)
Reviewed by VxPjeLxsbJkzk on 4/29/2012 Rating: (11096)

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hcTxEUrqjOenp  (Review 6 of 22)
Reviewed by vEvSUalPjTqwVHtRiCe on 2/21/2012 Rating: (11076)

Hi!Found your blog tourhgh VB and Twinpossible's blog hop!We took our twins to Disney World with us when they were 6 months old! Just today we were talking about going back (when they will be around 18 months old)! As luck would have it, I found your now following and will definitely be reading more!

XwCnHEjAxptswZOt  (Review 7 of 22)
Reviewed by omFlmZEjfBpCzPkEn on 1/25/2012 Rating: (11064)

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Reviewed by dFMKthXBlQUYtdsKJeB on 1/25/2012 Rating: (11065)

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LHKMXtbBShOZVaYe  (Review 9 of 22)
Reviewed by edZfTHDla on 9/11/2011 Rating: (11001)


Bplqjecw  (Review 10 of 22)
Reviewed by ovrvekmYhViYqBzlojF on 1/7/2011 Rating: (10864)

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Halgxtch  (Review 11 of 22)
Reviewed by LslWzGapCJvK on 1/6/2011 Rating: (10861)

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Ixnrbpiw  (Review 12 of 22)
Reviewed by WhkqEjncBiOBMhXB on 1/6/2011 Rating: (10862)

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Saybfjkl  (Review 13 of 22)
Reviewed by iaxdBugGHEnJO on 8/16/2010 Rating: (8198)

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mature handjobs  (Review 14 of 22)
Reviewed by iduECytIK on 7/24/2010 Rating: (6231)

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Glwubkks  (Review 15 of 22)
Reviewed by wrbDgcChRiiGsD on 7/22/2010 Rating: (6230)

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kola brothers =(  (Review 16 of 22)
Reviewed by kellyx3disney on 10/23/2009 Rating: (4602)

iam a parent but however i do not like the kola brothers at all
i find them quite annoying! they have terrible accents and i
dont like the way they look neithert does my child im so happy
this show is off the air if iused to wake up with that show on
an get so mad. so nthank you disney you did me a favor by
taking it off

Where has the show gone????????????  (Review 17 of 22)
Reviewed by Dee on 9/6/2009 Rating: (4559)

My son loves this show but for some reason Disney has not shown
it in over a year
Please bring it back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Koala Brothers  (Review 18 of 22)
Reviewed by Ian on 5/30/2008 Rating: (4089)

Just thought I'd mention that although set in Australia, this
is actually produced in the UK.

Koala Brothers  (Review 19 of 22)
Reviewed by Becky on 4/26/2007 Rating: (3557)

This is a great show. It has expanded my intrest in Austrilian
animals. I wish there could be more merchandise then there
is. Perhaps there could be more episodes on family reunion and
relations tips. For example getting to know some more about
Ned's family.

disability diversity  (Review 20 of 22)
Reviewed by nelson on 4/1/2006 Rating: (598)

It would be great if this show could include kids/people in
wheelchairs. My granddaughter has spina bifida and will always
be in a wheelchair. All the activities leave her out and there
are no role models for her to watch. As it is right now this
show only wmphasizes her difference from other children and, as
she gets older, increasingly marginalize her.

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