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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is the new Playhouse Disney offering from the Disney channel.

Beginning May 1st, after the Little Einstein's Playhouse Disney will be showing previews of this new addition to children's programming that will premier later in the week.

On Friday May 5th, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is scheduled to premier at 730pm/630pm Central Time.

Saturday May 6th the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse will be inserted into its normal timeslot. This new show will be shown on weekends only at this time.

For this new Walt Disney venture, Mickey and his friends have once again been done with computer-generated animation. For those who have seen 'Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas', you are familiar with this technique. For those who have not this is a much new and improved way to see Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto and the rest of the Gang.

This brand new thirty minute show will incorporate brain building challenges in each episode, as well as upbeat music. Both the theme song and the ending song were written by They Might Be Giants whom you may recognize from the Higglytown Hero's theme song; as well as their popular DVD Here Come the ABC's. The song that will conclude each episode will quickly become familiar to children, as the song to end each show is simply titled "Hot Dog". In each episode, before they show the actual clubhouse, children must say 'Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse' which is the secret password to enter the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Each episode will also include a recap to help children remember how they solved that days problem. And sure to delight the older generation each show will begin with roll-call.

Mickey's Clubhouse is primarily for the younger child, but promises to delight the adults in the house as well. References to Cold War Mickey will fly right over your child's head, but may be something that makes you laugh as you remember the Mickey Mouse Club. Or the first time you saw Mickey Mouse.

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DisneyInTheMorning's Readers Reviews and Comments on Disney In The Morning - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Average Rating: (4.32) Out of 31 Reviews

Mickey Mouse clubhouse  (Review 1 of 31)
Reviewed by Disney in the morning on 1/27/2016 Rating: (11216)

Mickey Mouse clubhouse I hate that SHOW! Cancel the stupid Mickey Mouse
clubhouse already it's Evil I want the old Mickey Mouse back to make playhouse
Disney Not Mickey Mouse clubhouse nobody likes that show

Mickey Mouse clubhouse  (Review 2 of 31)
Reviewed by Disney in the morning on 1/27/2016 Rating: (11217)

Mickey Mouse clubhouse I hate that SHOW! Cancel the stupid Mickey Mouse
clubhouse already it's Evil I want the old Mickey Mouse back to make playhouse
Disney Not Mickey Mouse clubhouse nobody likes that show

SWEET!!!  (Review 3 of 31)
Reviewed by JIH on 8/3/2014 Rating: (11142)


MC on Disney Junior  (Review 4 of 31)
Reviewed by TheAwesomeChris on 10/5/2012 Rating: (11113)

Hello. I love this show. It's cool and it stars Mickey Mouse
and his friends. Watch it every morning at 8/7c on Disney

PERguzuTFXNmItTeYb  (Review 5 of 31)
Reviewed by jdTXNahLyzhdV on 12/11/2011 Rating: (11049)

You get a lot of respect from me for writing these helpful artlices.

The Mickey Mouse Fanatic  (Review 6 of 31)
Reviewed by MickeyMouseLover on 11/20/2011 Rating: (11029)

I am CRAZY for Mickey Mouse!!! On the Disney Store website, the
have a Giant 41" Mickey Mouse Plush!!! I want it!!! If I don't
get by christmas or before... I will never like Disney ever
again. Mickey Mouse rocks!!! (yawns) I'm tired (sleeps on

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse  (Review 7 of 31)
Reviewed by Chris on 8/9/2011 Rating: (10993)

I absolutely love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. My favortie character
(of course) is Mickey. Because, he is the one that started it
all. It all started in 1928, and it's still current?!! WOW!!
It's sad to hear that the cartoon Mickey Mouse that we all know
is gone from Disney Channel. But on Disney Junior, they air one
of my favorite returning shows!! MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE!!!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse  (Review 8 of 31)
Reviewed by Chris on 8/9/2011 Rating: (10994)

I forgot to say that I like other shows on Disney, too. Oh yes.
But my favorite Disney shows that are still on are Mickey Mouse
Clubhouse and Little Einsteins. My favorite Disney shows that
used to be on are The Book of Pooh, Bear in the Big Blue House
and The Wiggles.

Why??!!  (Review 9 of 31)
Reviewed by Sleepless on 6/14/2011 Rating: (10960)

I'm not saying that it's terrible but jeez why do you have to replace all the quality
programing with this. It is like a super annoying version of Dora. Try putting
shows like Stanley and Rolie Polie Olie on and see how much $$$$$ you get
out of that.

P.S. In a recent statement a Disney official said it was not about the quality of
the programing but the money that really matters. My little brother missed out on
a lot because of you. Sigh. At least he had the Wiggles.

Mickey  (Review 10 of 31)
Reviewed by DisneyFan#9 on 5/6/2010 Rating: (4801)

Okay, it pales in comparison with DISNEY'S HOUSE OF MOUSE.

Here are why there are two golden stars on my comment:

1. Theme Song
2. Episode 20: "Sleeping Minnie"

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse  (Review 11 of 31)
Reviewed by Hero on 4/10/2010 Rating: (4779)

I'm not really interested in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
But I do think it's okay and appropriate for younger children.
This is Daniel Cook is not all that good either. Along with
season 6 of The Wiggles, Jojo's Circus, or Koala Brothers.

Thank you,
Hero -disney in the mornings original reviewer.

Awsome!!!  (Review 12 of 31)
Reviewed by Mickey Mouse on 11/2/2009 Rating: (4626)

It's great having the show on Playhouse Disney. Ha Ha!
It's great! great! great!

minnie and daisy  (Review 13 of 31)
Reviewed by Bari on 8/17/2009 Rating: (4544)

I really like the show although I would like to see minnie hug
daisy once in a while.

Blah  (Review 14 of 31)
Reviewed by Hannah on 5/30/2009 Rating: (4464)

I don't like the show.
I like the Movers more.
This show is too weird, and when I wanted a Hot Dog, but didn't
have any in my house, and they sand that dumb Hot Dog song, and I
got pissed off.

Sleeping Minnie  (Review 15 of 31)
Reviewed by Lisa Millhouse on 10/28/2007 Rating: (3844)

I Love The Song On Sleeping Minnie

tszklqpeh myqhso  (Review 16 of 31)
Reviewed by mrptcf grmtaok on 8/29/2007 Rating: (3774)

jzntfwi pmlugxia biqwpad tksdg oalqec qrmohutkp twqixyh

tszklqpeh myqhso  (Review 17 of 31)
Reviewed by mrptcf grmtaok on 8/29/2007 Rating: (3775)

jzntfwi pmlugxia biqwpad tksdg oalqec qrmohutkp twqixyh

the show needs a little more arrangements  (Review 18 of 31)
Reviewed by angela on 7/23/2007 Rating: (3712)

i like the show but make it so little ones and my age ones can
enjoy the show let them have failer and do the song with a
little more movement more words and a better way to make the
clubhouse appear like different show differnt way and make
toodles look like at first on different things like in a drawer
so he looks kinda funny when he comes out in drawers make him
come out in clothes.and its playhouse disney make the tool more
non-ficion so viewer watching can have a little more fun this
way more veiwer will b atracted to your show from all ages.and
add a little more words to the end song but your shows alrite.

by angela thomas from greenvill mississippi 9 years old

Great show but sexist at times  (Review 19 of 31)
Reviewed by bc on 6/22/2007 Rating: (3639)

My toddler really likes this show but I am concerned with how the
female characters always need to be rescued by the boys. The
girls usually only get to do domestic tasks while the male
characters get to do all other things. The recent 'Doctor Daisy"
episode was much better and my little girl really liked it. I
wish that they would write more episodes like it.
Most other shows for this age group are not stereotypical in
their depiction of girls and boys roles. I am surprised not to
have seen more discussion about the exception in this show.

Awesome entertainment  (Review 20 of 31)
Reviewed by Shelley on 4/3/2007 Rating: (3502)

My daughter got hooked on this show at around 8 months. Every
morning she points up the stairs because she knows it is on.
Her little face lights up when she sees Mickey and he says
those famous words Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse. She will sit and
watch an entire episode and babble back at the tv. Even if she
is busy somewhere in the house, once the Hot Dog song starts
she comes running. This is her favorite show, and also one of

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