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Rolie Polie Olie

Rolie Polie Olie is a show based in outer space. Not just outer space though, but outer space in the future. Rolie is a little boy robot that is frequently joined by his best friend Billy, a square robot. In addition to Billy, his sister Zowie and his parents, dog Spot, and sometimes-even Dicey, the cat, but you can't forget the house, which is full of moving machines with facial expressions. They are definitely part of this cast.

Rolie's father is an inventor, and his inventions are often the focus of these shows. The inventions are silly, and usually don't work at first, but by the end of the episode, they tend to work fine. Rolie's misadventures, usually with Billy make for both comedy and lesson fun for the viewer.

Unlike some of the other Playhouse Disney shows, Rolie Polie Olie is definitely more appropriate for your older child. While others shows can easily entertain a 1 or 2 year old, this show seems to be enjoyed more by children aged 3 - 6.

From and adult point of view, Rolie Polie Olie is an exercise in laughter, and quite entertaining. From a 3-year-old point of view, 30 minutes is not long enough. This is a fun show, which has been moved around a lot recently due to new Playhouse Disney additions, but it still there due to its high fan base. Rolie Polie Olie is definitely quality television.

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DisneyInTheMorning's Readers Reviews and Comments on Disney In The Morning - Rolie Polie Olie

Average Rating: (4.88) Out of 104 Reviews

I like them  (Review 1 of 104)
Reviewed by I watched on 6/11/2017 Rating: (12200)

I watched Rollie Pollie Olie since I was
little I wish it would come back on an
them shows

wow this made me simile  (Review 2 of 104)
Reviewed by anthiny on 3/1/2013 Rating: (11119)

Im 17 now an LOVED this show..I was disappointed that they took this off
...don't get m wrong all the new disney shows are poop...well I'm hapspy ill be
able to watch again no matter how old I am...this will keep my cousins
entertainmened an away from annoying angry birds

Old shows  (Review 3 of 104)
Reviewed by Patricia on 3/12/2012 Rating: (11085)

Omg I'm so excited this show is coming back on!I used to love this show!I'm 15
by the way and im definitely gonna watch it Disney definitely needs to bring back
it's old shows like bear in the big blue house,pb&j otter,and some other 90's
shows and the ones during the early 2000's but I'm happy that they are bringing
this show back on air I can't wait to watch it :)

It's coming back!  (Review 4 of 104)
Reviewed by Kevin on 2/16/2012 Rating: (11075)

Hey, guess what?! Rolie Polie Olie is coming on the Disney
Junior channel on March 23! You don't have to complain about it
not airing anymore!

where did disney go?  (Review 5 of 104)
Reviewed by Elizabeth on 11/6/2011 Rating: (11021)

seriously disney channel producer dudes! bring back the good
stuff and take of the stupid stuff! (stupid stuff being:
special agent oso, wizards of waverly place, etc.) the good
stuff being: jojos circus, rolie polie olie, bear in the big
blue house, etc. i watched those shows everyday when i was a
kid! my little sister never got to watch those shows and thinks
im crazy because i still watch wahatever i can of them BECAUSE

What happen to Disney Channel?  (Review 6 of 104)
Reviewed by Lauren on 8/28/2011 Rating: (10997)

OMG i use to watch Rolie Polie Olie all the time when I was a
kid i am 16 now and i still miss all the show's that use to
been Disney Channel. I mean the show's that are on there now
im sorry but they are stupid the show's I watched when I was
kid actually let me learn somthen please bring the old show's
back please!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you.(:

grrr  (Review 7 of 104)
Reviewed by Autumn on 8/15/2011 Rating: (10996)

Why don't they bring back these shows they taught us so many good
things? Either they need to make it to where we can watch all of
the shows on a website or to bring them back.

Reviewed by Jamilla on 8/2/2011 Rating: (10991)


Bring it back  (Review 9 of 104)
Reviewed by Disney how could you? on 6/18/2011 Rating: (10970)

Walt Disney's been my hero since I can remember. I wanna be just like him when I
grow up. Until I realized they changed the shows that were my childhood to this BARF!
What did you producers do! You swapped Rollie Pollie Ollie for Jake and the Neverland
Pirates! What happened to Peter Pan everybody loves him! How could you where are the
real shows i.e The Bear and the Big Blue House Rollie Pollie Ollie etc. What would the
real Walt Disney say. I'll tell you what he'd say "How could you and why would you!"
Bring them back! More people want them back then don't and you listen to the people
right? Right. SO BRING THEM BACK!!!

Bring back Rolie Polie Ollie!  (Review 10 of 104)
Reviewed by Michelle on 5/1/2011 Rating: (10951)

Pleeeaaase bring Rolie Polie Ollie back!!!I used to watch this
show everyday when I was 6!Why did you take this show of the
air?!?!?!?!It was such a good show!Why didnt you take off some
of the bad shows like Wizards of Waverly Place?!?! I don't like
that show AT ALL!!!Its a horrible show that sets bad examples
for kids and teens! And that show DEFENITELY DOES NOT please
God.And I would know because I'm Christian and you could read
it yourself in the Bible. We should all start a club called
cool. Once again PLEEEEAAAASE put Rolie Polie Olie back on!!!!
(I said please!) Thankyou for listening.

Bring it Back  (Review 11 of 104)
Reviewed by Izzy on 4/17/2011 Rating: (10941)

i am 12 i watch it on youtube all the time!! all the shows for
kids these days will never ever compare to rolie polie olie. i
use to watch him every day and use to cry if i missed it. when
the show stopped airing i was sooooo upset. bring him back

Brint rolie polie olie back!  (Review 12 of 104)
Reviewed by Tonia on 4/5/2011 Rating: (10933)

Im 14 and I used to watch rolie polie olie EVERY DAY before I went
to school up until they stoppet airing the show!
Now I still watch some episodes on youtube just to lift my mood, I
sit here and show my little sister the episodes online and she
loves them!
To be honest the tv shows on now a days are COMPLETE NONSCENCE.
Rolie Polie Olie needs to be brought back!
(: x

Brint rolie polie olie back!  (Review 13 of 104)
Reviewed by Tonia on 4/5/2011 Rating: (10934)

Im 14 and I used to watch rolie polie olie EVERY DAY before I went
to school up until they stoppet airing the show!
Now I still watch some episodes on youtube just to lift my mood, I
sit here and show my little sister the episodes online and she
loves them!
To be honest the tv shows on now a days are COMPLETE NONSCENCE.
Rolie Polie Olie needs to be brought back!
(: x

Bring back the old shows  (Review 14 of 104)
Reviewed by Clarice on 4/2/2011 Rating: (10931)

I am 11 and I think it should be on air.It is a wonderful show.
I remembering wondering why the show was not there any more.

this  (Review 15 of 104)
Reviewed by 123abc on 3/31/2011 Rating: (10927)

i am 11 and i love it

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzbring it back  (Review 16 of 104)
Reviewed by marlie on 3/20/2011 Rating: (10919)

i love it like i wish they were in concert
zzzzzzz bring alllllllllllll of the old shows back they
weregreat for kids and familys it will be somuch fun everyone
loves the ps i luv playhouse disney and good luck charlies
bridget mendler

we want olie back  (Review 17 of 104)
Reviewed by good luck charlie on 2/26/2011 Rating: (10907)

we want olie back we want olie back we want olie back we want
olie back!!!!!! he was so beast!i loved him he was my favorite
kid show ever! why take him away i bet my sister would love him
to!! give him back i want my buddy back!!!

i want it back  (Review 18 of 104)
Reviewed by destiny holland on 2/19/2011 Rating: (10892)

rolie polie olie omg that was like my favorite show sense i was
a little person now i'm in 8th grade and this new stupid tv
thing call disney junior i hate it the old playhouse disney was
way better when i was sick all the time and rolie polie olie
came on it always made me laugh and it made me feel better all
the time but i'm madd though just beacuse the people i mean
actor or to old for it still you can still put it on but not
with new epsiode i love it when i see the episode over and over

we miss rolie polie olie  (Review 19 of 104)
Reviewed by chris on 1/30/2011 Rating: (10872)

bring rolie polie olie back why did you take it off tv it was

***Bring Back Rolie Polie Olie!!!!!!  (Review 20 of 104)
Reviewed by Christie on 1/5/2011 Rating: (10859)

Rolie Polie Olie is definitely one of the best cartoons of all time! I watched the
show until I was about 16 years old when it was canceled. Now I have a son who
watches the only 2 VHS tapes I could find to purchase and he absolutely loves
them. I think the shows that are on now a days are ridiculous and I can't believe
the shows that are on now is what replaced these awesome shows: Rolie polie
Olie, PB and J otter, Bear in the Big Blue House!!! I Guarantee that the kids now
would like these shows a whole lot more!

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