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A much loved show both parents and children, Stanley has grown to be a family favorite since it began showing on Playhouse Disney. Seen daily on Playhouse Disney, Stanley will learn about a new animal or insect.

With the help of his Great Big Book of Everything, Dennis who is his best friend (and a fish), Harry the dog and Elsie the Cat, as well as friends who often help Stanley Griff makes learning fun enough that it doesn't even seem like a lesson contained within each episode.

Created by the award winning Jim Jinkins and David Campbell who are also famous for creating other Disney Channel shows PB&J Otter and Doug. Stanley, like some other shows began as a book series, which is published by Hyperion Books for Children can be seen daily on the Disney Channel.

Each approximate 15 minute episode of Stanley, usually shown in a 30 minute block, yet sometimes splitting time with Charlie and Lola, will teach your child about one new animal or insect. The song Great Big Book of Everything will by sung by Elsie and Harry, much to Dennis' dismay, and Stanley will say the ABC's until he gets to the starting letter for the animal of the day.

Stanley won't just teach you and your child about cats and dogs. Did you ever want to learn about an Aardvark? What about a Dragonfly? Well the nice thing about this series is that if you watch enough episodes you will learn about those two critters and more. Every once in a while the Disney Channel will do a Stanley A to Z marathon, and those are fun to catch because you will definitely learn something during a Stanley marathon.

This, above all other Playhouse Disney shows is probably the most enjoyable for a parent. Stanley is a young boy who absolutely loves animals. With the help of others and his Great Big Book of Everything, Stanley will quietly teach you and your child a new lesson every day.

Stanley Merchandise

DisneyInTheMorning's Readers Reviews and Comments on Disney In The Morning - Stanley

Average Rating: (5.00) Out of 58 Reviews

vUudzUjHQLojP  (Review 1 of 58)
Reviewed by qCsUrexPZwqUaXW on 2/23/2012 Rating: (11082)

Please don't fogret to SUBSCRIBE to the MrPlayerism2 YouTube channel!Rapid firing the latest game news, trailers, screens and art that true players don't wanna miss out on.

kErFBGEVEbEEXJ  (Review 2 of 58)
Reviewed by ZWHKOTrEXtzmjNAer on 2/21/2012 Rating: (11077)

WOW, this looks soooo freikn epic!!! it's matrix and harry potter all in one, hehe. this doesn't look like a game for kids, but it's very cool in this trailer.

Disney Junior The Channel  (Review 3 of 58)
Reviewed by Chris on 2/6/2012 Rating: (11071)

For people who have Comcast, a Disney Junior channel will be
coming to TV this coming Spring. So, be prepared, because you'll
see Stanley on TV again starting March 23rd. Thank you and


Also...  (Review 4 of 58)
Reviewed by Chris on 2/6/2012 Rating: (11072)

Plus you gotta see Playhouse Disney Live on Stage, which
features stage shows from characters including Stanley, Bear,
Rolie Polie Olie, and Winnie the Pooh.

RE: Stanley by Sleepless  (Review 5 of 58)
Reviewed by Chris on 12/4/2011 Rating: (11042)

I have to agree. I don't like any of the current shows...
except for Special Agent Oso. I'm sorry to say: I gotta admit
that Special Agent Oso is awesome. I mean, Disney in the
Morning doesn't have to make a review page for the show, but
the show is still awesome. Oso & Wolfie rock!! :) As for your
review, Sleepless, I'm tired of hearing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
as well. If there should be 2 shows that should get removed
from Disney Junior, it should be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and
Jungle Junction. I don't like those shows... I just like
Special Agent Oso.

Message #1  (Review 6 of 58)
Reviewed by Chris on 11/17/2011 Rating: (11025)

Message to Anna Carter: Stanley will be returning in February
of 2012!! :)

Please?  (Review 7 of 58)
Reviewed by Sleepless on 6/14/2011 Rating: (10961)

All I'm trying to say is bring the good shows back. Please?!

Oh yeah  (Review 8 of 58)
Reviewed by Sleepless on 6/14/2011 Rating: (10962)

I forgot to mention the new adventures of whinnie the pooh! That rocked!

Stanley  (Review 9 of 58)
Reviewed by Sleepless on 6/13/2011 Rating: (10958)

I really miss these old shows! They were great! I learned so much and wish they
were still on tv. I'm tired of turning on the tv and hearing this 'Misca moosca
Mickey Mouse' crap. Whatever happened to the educational quality not to
mention the great characters. What do they think kids are anymore? I'm only 13
and I know that much.

Bring them back!  (Review 10 of 58)
Reviewed by Sleepless on 6/13/2011 Rating: (10959)

I forget to mention all the other classics. Rolie Polie Olie , P,B and J otter and
bear and the big blue house along with Stanley were great! Why is it that all that
Disney cares about is money. It goes against Walt Disney's values. I doubt this
would even phase them.

Stanley dolls  (Review 11 of 58)
Reviewed by MickeyMouseLover on 4/24/2011 Rating: (10947)

I have a plush Stanley. He talks and says stuff about animals.
I also have a plush Dennis. And I also have a video of some
Playhouse Disney shows. Including: THE BOOK OF POOH, THE NEW

stanley  (Review 12 of 58)
Reviewed by Anna Carter on 3/25/2011 Rating: (10920)

Hi!! I have two boys that love Stanley my oldest is 7 and the youngest is 4. We
would like for it to come back on the disney channel again!!! And if it did you
you please let us know at Thank you sooooo

My Stanley stuffed toys  (Review 13 of 58)
Reviewed by Chris on 12/29/2010 Rating: (10846)

I have 2 stuffed toys from the 2001-2004 Playhouse Disney
show "STANLEY". I have the main character (Stanley) and his pet
fish (Dennis).
I'm really hoping to get "STANLEY" on VHS and DVD. Because it
is my favorite Playhouse Disney show. Next to "BEAR IN THE BIG

I love "OSO"!  (Review 14 of 58)
Reviewed by Chris on 12/29/2010 Rating: (10847)

"teki10" is wrong. I ABSOLUTELY enjoy watching "SPECIAL AGENT

BRING BACK OLD SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Review 15 of 58)
Reviewed by teki10 on 12/21/2010 Rating: (10843)

I LOVED this show. I loved all of the 90s shows. the shows they
have on now are just plain BAD. disney needs to get a clue.
NOBODY likes the new shows. We want the old ones back!!!!!!!!

Rollie pollie ollie and stanley  (Review 16 of 58)
Reviewed by Lover!! <3 on 12/16/2010 Rating: (10838)

Right Iv'e read about 20 something comments now and everyone's
right i miss my old shows i LOVED i mean LOVED Stanley and it
educated you without you really know at that age and Rollie
Pollie Ollie had a great concept an it was a fun show to watch as
well at Big Bear in the blue house i cant even explain how
fustrating it is when u want to go back to those old days and
just watch those kid shows u watched and love and cant even find
full episodes on the internet!!! Disney as out all these
education shows now and personal i think there a piece of crap
Disney has really crappy shows on now a days!! >:( Our shows from
about the 90's to 2004 I want to say were the best on t.v no one
who is my age 12 should turn n a t.v early in the morning and see
an education show that u yell at the t.v say it's right there or
it's this or that little kids need to learn in school not by t.v
that's what schools for ok!!! 12 year old's and like 15 year
old's wanting to watch playhouse disney cant cause were to old
and to smart for it so the old show weren't really education as
much as playhouse disney has made it today!!! ok ive made my
point and hoping playhouse disney sees any some off these and
conciders it!!

BRING IT BACK  (Review 17 of 58)
Reviewed by Z on 12/11/2010 Rating: (10834)

bring stanley back. i loved it

complaint  (Review 18 of 58)
Reviewed by shurooq saryoul on 10/2/2010 Rating: (10602)

Stanly was a wonderful show even though me and my mother are
older we still learned things. stanly was the thing that she
wanted to watch now because its cancelled she does even want to
read .i have been trying for years to find it but it somehow
blew of the face of the earth! whoever decided to cancle it
must be sued for wrecking the learning system for young
children.people these days just look at the money.oh we can
save $$$$$$ on canceling stanly. however it may give them money
but they have to think about the children for once in their
life youd think they were smat. WRONG!

bring them back  (Review 19 of 58)
Reviewed by alex maccabee on 9/19/2010 Rating: (10221)

bring them back

disney channel old shows  (Review 20 of 58)
Reviewed by first noel on 7/27/2010 Rating: (6688)

im 12 and still love the little kid shows such as mickey mouse
club house but the i loved the old ones like stanley and rolie
polie olie and bear in the big blue house. i think you should
bring some of the old shows baack :)

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