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The Doodlebops

The Doodlebops have taken America by storm. Unknown to anyone but Canadians in January 2005, they now have an incredible fan base in both young and old children.

The three Doodlebops, DeeDee, Rooney and Moe dance, sing and make a lot of noise while teaching your child the daily lesson. With fresh music and simplistic storylines, this show has become popular very quickly.

For more information on the Doodlebops, we do have a website dedicated to that one show:

DisneyInTheMorning's Readers Reviews and Comments on Disney In The Morning - The Doodlebops

Average Rating: (4.40) Out of 223 Reviews

where are they?  (Review 1 of 223)
Reviewed by jackie on 1/10/2014 Rating: (11135)

My son loves the show. I'm just getting tired of watching the same episodes
over again. When will new shows come out?

best show ever  (Review 2 of 223)
Reviewed by echoe hurd on 1/5/2014 Rating: (11134)

When I was 4-5 I loved Doodlebops I showed my nephew an episode and he loves
it please bring it back.

Iwantallthekidstoenjoywhatienjoyed  (Review 3 of 223)
Reviewed by Jennybringplayhousedisbeybk on 2/18/2013 Rating: (11117)

I think you should bring back playhouse disney because all the program's on
there were amazing expeshally jojos circus and bear in the big blue house and
higgly town heroes because they are brill and I want my children to enjoy what I
did please can you consider this :)

The Doodlebops are back!!  (Review 4 of 223)
Reviewed by Chris on 3/24/2012 Rating: (11094)

Get up bright and early in the morning and tune in to CBS or
WBZ to find The Doodlebops again.

We miss the show :-(  (Review 5 of 223)
Reviewed by Robinson on 2/4/2012 Rating: (11069)

The Doodlebops was one of the best shows ever! My children and I absolutely
loved watching the show and we truly miss it. Hey, we went to their concerts
every time they came to Tampa Bay, Florida. The animated show is no
comparison :-(

Please Bring Back the original Doodlebops!!   (Review 6 of 223)
Reviewed by A mommy of 2 on 2/4/2012 Rating: (11070)

My 4 year old daughter loves the original show and she will
even watch the cartoon when they sing but the originals she
will sit through the whole show. I like the fact that they have
positive messages with the kids. I know we watched it today for
2 episodes and even have a DVD but she really loves them and
wants to write a fan mail letter to them because they sent them
to kids on todays show and she thought that was great.

preschool  (Review 7 of 223)
Reviewed by maloa on 1/22/2012 Rating: (11061)

I'm a preschool teacher and I hate other children music but I love the
doodlebops, its the best music to listen to over and over again. My daughter
loves the show and has been watching since shw was 2 and now is 7. Sad that
there was only one season we would love to see this show back on disney
channel. Disney channel is not on in my home anymore there are to many
shows for older children in afternoon. I hope disney channel gets disney
morning on again that last in the afternoon. Thank u

Bring Back The Doodlebops!!!  (Review 8 of 223)
Reviewed by Brandy on 1/14/2012 Rating: (11055)

My oldest loved to watch The Doodlebops every morning when she was three
years old. I just happened upon an episode today and it brought back so many
memories, for me and my oldest daughter. She said, "Mom what happened to
them? They don't come on anymore." It broke my heart. She even
remembered the time I took her to The Doodlebops in concert. That was
almost 5 years ago. I wish my other two could experience The Doodlebops like
my oldest did :(

We miss you!  (Review 9 of 223)
Reviewed by Jaime on 1/7/2012 Rating: (11054)

We miss you DeeDee, Rooney, and Mo! My 7 year old watched you when
she was smaller and now my 4 year old loves you but has to watch
the DVDs! I took my oldest to live show on stage and would have
loved to do the same with my 4 year old! The cartoon is just not
like the real thing! COME BACK!

UpUXhMupSBMxTiPIi  (Review 10 of 223)
Reviewed by unRsacdVQC on 12/11/2011 Rating: (11048)

At last, soemnoe comes up with the "right" answer!

Bring Them BAck  (Review 11 of 223)
Reviewed by Doodlebobs fan on 12/9/2011 Rating: (11046)

Im 14 now and i miss watching the doodlebops before school, i
mean thers an animated one..but its not the same. Whatever
happened to the human Doodles anyways?? I can still remember
the songs they sang(:

Bring back the original!  (Review 12 of 223)
Reviewed by Father of 3 on 9/25/2011 Rating: (11008)

My daughters have grown up watching The Doodlebops (original).
Now when the animated version comes on, they switch the channel
to Nickjr or play one of the original DVDs. The animated
version just isn't as entertaining as the original was. Please
bring them back!

Bring the Damn Doodlebops back bitches  (Review 13 of 223)
Reviewed by pissed off person on 9/24/2011 Rating: (11007)

bring the damn things back!!!

The Doodleboops  (Review 14 of 223)
Reviewed by Jarron on 9/10/2011 Rating: (10999)

I would always watch this show every morning I would be ready to
sing dance learn and have fun i really love this show please come
back doodlebops

Doodlebops  (Review 15 of 223)
Reviewed by Unhappy Parent on 8/11/2011 Rating: (10995)

Listen to the fans and bring the show back. Nice try with the cartoon but its not the same.

love them!   (Review 16 of 223)
Reviewed by scarr on 7/3/2011 Rating: (10977)

Im almost 17 and i used to watch the doodlebops all the time in the morning. it really sucks that their gone..not just little kids like them. their are some grownups that like them too. so do us all a favor and bring them back!!

The Cartoon Doodlebops  (Review 17 of 223)
Reviewed by pipandpoplover on 6/27/2011 Rating: (10976)

I actually like the Doodlebops Rockin' Road Show. The theme song
is kind of annoying, but otherwise, I like the show. It's not my
favorite show, but I still like it. For all you fans of The
Doodlebops out there who would like to know about the
new "cartoon" Doodlebops, tune in to The Doodlebops Rockin' Road
Show. Saturday mornings at 11, only on Cookie Jar TV.

BRING THEM BACK!!!  (Review 18 of 223)
Reviewed by DOODLEBOPSCOMEBACK on 6/26/2011 Rating: (10975)

I am 13 and I love the doodlebops they taught kids colors and music
along with everyone is different inside!!! PLEASE PLEASE BRING THE
DOODLEBOPS BACK!!! my niece is only 2 and i want her to enjoy the
doodlebops as much as i do will u please bring them back u dont
need to make any new one the old ones are fine i forgot most about
them all i remember is Moe and the "DONT PULL THE ROPE!!" bit thats
it will u guys please but them back on they were the best!

doodlebops  (Review 19 of 223)
Reviewed by maria on 4/19/2011 Rating: (10942)

I miss the Doodlebops. I what them back. NOW!

Bring Them Back!!!!!  (Review 20 of 223)
Reviewed by georges on 4/16/2011 Rating: (10938)

Are you not listening to the FANS! Is not the show made for us
the Fans to watch? well you herd what your Fans are saying Get
rid of the cartoon its not working! go back to were you started
from concerts, real live people and see whats happen. Yours
Truly Your no# one Fan!!!!!

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