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The Shanna Show

Shanna's Show is a 5-minute mini show on Playhouse Disney. During this mini show her brother Shane and a few non-human characters, Ducky, Tiger, and Dinah the dinosaur join Shanna.

At the beginning of each mini show, Shanna will explain that she will be dressing up and it is the viewers job to guess what she is today. With the help of the other characters, three hints are given to the identity of who she is pretending to be today.

The music for this show is great, using song to introduce Shanna (it rhymes with banana) and her brother Shane (it rhymes with rain). Each episode is meant to engage your child in thinking about what Shanna is pretending to be using music and disguises.

The Shanna Show series is based on the Shanna book series, written by Jean Marzollo who is a well-known child expert. The books are published by Hyperion Books for children.

Shanna's Show is a cute way for children to learn how to play guessing games and to see various professions in the world today.

The Shanna Show Merchandise

DisneyInTheMorning's Readers Reviews and Comments on Disney In The Morning - Shannas Show

Average Rating: (3.95) Out of 37 Reviews

Selecting the most s  (Review 1 of 37)
Reviewed by oKdkrsanyW on 3/5/2014 Rating: (11137)

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This is funny now.   (Review 2 of 37)
Reviewed by 1UF9h1KhL on 9/28/2013 Rating: (11133)

This is funny now. Can't people like you do anithyng else but follow me around? I thought I shook you off my coattails long ago, but there you are again.You're too much of a coward to actually come to see me read. You're probably the sycophant who stole and hid my chapbooks at Pegasus. How small are you that you continue in such a way? How petty!Any time you want to really throw down. Any time at all. I'm up for it.

Shanna's Show  (Review 3 of 37)
Reviewed by Chris Wiggle on 3/14/2013 Rating: (11120)

Shanna's Show is pretty good. I remember watching it on Disney
when I was younger. The only down side of it is when Shane was
talking about kindergarten. I'm not saying I don't like Shane,
it's just he's kinda advertising for that other show where he
goes to kindergarten that used to be on here.

jEhvZAFDkC  (Review 4 of 37)
Reviewed by upHyldDSJmXQoPpnE on 12/10/2011 Rating: (11047)

Extremely helpful article, plesae write more.

XXrJtjNdnLYSnHDEFd  (Review 5 of 37)
Reviewed by ATCGbHFvTjNVaEPYPJM on 5/24/2011 Rating: (10956)

PvcF0Q this is delisious!

The Old Disney SHows  (Review 6 of 37)
Reviewed by Blak Ninja on 4/30/2011 Rating: (10950)

Okaii We All Miss The Shanna Show That Used To Be The Show.
My Name Is Shanna It Rhymes With Banana And THis My Friend The
Shanna Shoooooow. lol
I Miss The Bear In The Big Blue House, STanely, Doodlebops,and
JoJo's Circus Used TO Be Da STuff. :P

we miss it  (Review 7 of 37)
Reviewed by chris on 1/30/2011 Rating: (10877)

please bring it back

snbZlzvjeOEBmkH  (Review 8 of 37)
Reviewed by GyVmoQKpeYSiJlKVvYa on 1/14/2011 Rating: (10865)


shanna sho  (Review 9 of 37)
Reviewed by my name is shanna on 8/14/2010 Rating: (8098)

the shanna sho is totally cool .

Tukpvnye  (Review 10 of 37)
Reviewed by gMgtJkIQjJJUeHcdbqA on 7/20/2010 Rating: (6229)

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Moly  (Review 11 of 37)
Reviewed by PbMrLrtzIp on 5/31/2010 Rating: (4811)

AwvoEl My name is Moly, i am a funny girl. This post is fake, hahaha.

DVDs  (Review 12 of 37)
Reviewed by DisneyFan#9 on 5/6/2010 Rating: (4802)

Why should it be a DVD available?

Go Baby and Shanna Show wouldn't be on DVD.

Those show are only six minute.

Bear in the Blue House and Wiggle are cooler than those show.

little einsteins season two  (Review 13 of 37)
Reviewed by me on 2/3/2010 Rating: (4747)

i adored season one but season two isn't that good

little einsteins season two  (Review 14 of 37)
Reviewed by me on 2/3/2010 Rating: (4748)

i adored season one but season two isn't that good

Shanna  (Review 15 of 37)
Reviewed by me on 1/27/2010 Rating: (4735)

Not the best choice for a show.

not overyly impressed  (Review 16 of 37)
Reviewed by sue on 1/10/2010 Rating: (4722)

Does anyone hear that this theme song is a little too closely
based on one from the little mermaid? Anyway- though the concept
of the show is smart- there are multiple areas that are just
annoying... Especially the "poop poop dee dee- here's number
three". It drives me mad.

Uggh  (Review 17 of 37)
Reviewed by Hmm... on 11/4/2009 Rating: (4635)

Uuuuh! Whatever, Shanna awful

mZdZfkLpYspsZXQ  (Review 18 of 37)
Reviewed by PtsjzBONWTjwOuX on 9/14/2009 Rating: (4567)


TwISqgcgcXFn  (Review 19 of 37)
Reviewed by YGHhUWNI on 9/14/2009 Rating: (4568)


like it  (Review 20 of 37)
Reviewed by Tino Andrade on 12/17/2007 Rating: (3931)

I like it a lot.

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