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The Wiggles

The Wiggles is another one of those Australian shows that American children love so much. Comprised of a Red, Blue, Yellow and Purple Wiggle, played by 4 grown men, a large green dinosaur named Dorothy, a dog that walks on 2 feet, Wags, and the amazing Captain Feathersword, this is one of those shows that you must see to believe.

Completely entertaining, the Wiggles will sing and dance their way into your heart and your child's, and may even include the all important lesson in each show.

For more information on this much loved Playhouse Disney show, please see our website dedicated to the Wiggles:

DisneyInTheMorning's Readers Reviews and Comments on Disney In The Morning - The Wiggles

Average Rating: (4.29) Out of 69 Reviews

Wiggles All the Way  (Review 1 of 69)
Reviewed by Chris Wiggle on 3/14/2013 Rating: (11131)

Now, even though I may be a pre-teen who loves The Wiggles,
they will still be the gods of children's music. I have been to
several live concerts of them, and own many merchandise. If
your kid loves The Wiggles, treat them with their live concerts
and merchandise. They're fun!

Crocs in a Wiggles Review Section???  (Review 2 of 69)
Reviewed by Chris on 7/30/2012 Rating: (11105)

Um, since when did crocs have anything to do with The Wiggles?

AGReEfZoZJbShIfnsCx  (Review 3 of 69)
Reviewed by xPwgSTtjoLaXslv on 5/4/2012 Rating: (11097)

those disney crocs are abdraole! i tried on maryjanes and the prima's at journey's yesterday adn they are comfy adn soooo cute!they are coming out with college crocs sometime this fall you would think they would have them already for football season! the swirled crocs are actually made my Airwalk adn sold at payless shoe stores and their website. they are very comfy like crocs but just a hair too narrow for me. but they are half the price and almost as pliable as crocs. i love my crocs

Really awesome show!  (Review 4 of 69)
Reviewed by WigglesFan27 on 5/4/2012 Rating: (11098)

I'm the world's biggest fan of The Wiggles (hence the name of
WigglesFan27) that there is. However, I would say I'd like
Series 2 with In the Wiggles World as the intro. Series 1
wasn't all that great either. Season 3 with Lights Camera
Action is the best of The Wiggles. TheWigglesPtyLtd (the
company that makes Wiggles merchandise) should make a DVD
titled "The Wiggles: Best of Series 3". It contains every
single episode from the 3rd series. PBS Kids Sprout airs
Wiggles more than Playhouse Disney did, which is even
better!!! :)

Do you believe me?  (Review 5 of 69)
Reviewed by Chris on 3/11/2012 Rating: (11084)

I'm not joking around. Greg's back. Now we can start wiggling
like the classic days again. And look for a Wiggles concert in
your city or town starting between July and August of 2012. The
tour dates will be announced around May of 2012. Some of the
younger kids who were born with Sam being the "Yellow Wiggle"
might not even know who Greg is, unless they watched the
classic episodes on Sprout. If you still don't believe me, go
to The Wiggles' website. Then, you'll know for sure that Greg
is the Yellow Wiggle. I recommend that the Moms and Dads of
kids who were born with Sam should give them this "emotional"
message. But, your kids just might find out anyway. I don't
want any further responses saying you hate Sam. If you do leave
negative responses, I will contact the people at this website.
People who like Greg get this happy message. People who like
Sam get this sad message. I like Sam, but it's about time for
Greg to start wiggling again. Greg, if you're viewing this
comment, I am glad you recovered from your illness and returned
to the group. As for Sam, good luck! Hope to hear your music
again sometime! Once again, NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS!!

Greg is Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Review 6 of 69)
Reviewed by Chris on 2/29/2012 Rating: (11083)

The Wiggles will still be on Sprout, but I got some good news.
In fact, it's "wiggle-tastic" news! Greg is coming back as the
Yellow Wiggle! Now that Greg is back, say hello to new Wiggles
DVDs starring Greg, Murray, Jeff and Anthony...AGAIN!!!
Because, on a website, I heard that Greg Page is returning as
the Yellow Wiggle. Do you think that The Wiggles might even
come to Disney again, since they got Greg back? Will they be on
Disney Junior The Channel? If you think so, please respond in
the comments saying you like The Wiggles and that you're
excited that Greg is back. If not, you can also say so, but
please don't use curse words! Don't be like Beth!

To Beth  (Review 7 of 69)
Reviewed by Chris on 2/22/2012 Rating: (11080)

Did you know you're not supposed to curse on this website? It's
against the rules! You may be an adult, but profanity is number
1 on the rules of this website!

The Wiggles  (Review 8 of 69)
Reviewed by Chris on 2/22/2012 Rating: (11081)

By the way, I have to agree with some people that the new
Wiggles episodes with Sam aren't that great, even though I went
to a "wiggly concert" in Webster where he was there. I prefer
the episodes with Greg more, because those episodes were filled
with songs done by The Wiggles. Not with songs we already know
like Itsy Bitsy Spider or London Bridge is Falling Down. Did
you know I also saw every single Wiggles episode in the entire
universe? Even the ones with Sam? Even though I'm not

Disney Junior The Channel  (Review 9 of 69)
Reviewed by Chris on 2/6/2012 Rating: (11073)

Sorry, but The Wiggles is not one of the shows coming to Disney
Junior The Channel. But, if you live in Canada, The Wiggles will
eventually come to Disney Junior.

RE: miss the wiggles by Molly  (Review 10 of 69)
Reviewed by Chris on 12/4/2011 Rating: (11040)

I'm afraid he can't, Molly. Greg had a disease. Type in Greg
Page on the computer. Go to his Wikipedia profile... and you'll
find out about how he got his disease... and why he was forced
to leave the group.

Find them on Sprout!!  (Review 11 of 69)
Reviewed by Chris on 11/28/2011 Rating: (11035)

Find The Wiggles on Sprout, Channel 218, if you get xfinity as
your cable broadcaster.

Find them on Sprout OD!!  (Review 12 of 69)
Reviewed by Chris on 11/28/2011 Rating: (11036)

You can also find them on Sprout On Demand!! Go to the Kids
category to Sprout and find Wiggles. Go to The Wiggles and find
some episodes and a 1-hour Wiggles documentary. This only works
if you have xfinity.

i love dorothy  (Review 13 of 69)
Reviewed by dylan on 3/26/2011 Rating: (10922)

i love dorothy the dinosaur and wags the dog

i love dorothy  (Review 14 of 69)
Reviewed by dylan on 3/26/2011 Rating: (10923)

i love dorothy the dinosaur and wags the dog

hi wiggles  (Review 15 of 69)
Reviewed by dorothy the dinosaur on 3/26/2011 Rating: (10924)

heeeee hi everyone hello hi hi hi wiggles hi henry hi wags hi

wake up dorothy  (Review 16 of 69)
Reviewed by the wiggles on 3/26/2011 Rating: (10925)

dorothy is asleep 1 2 3 wake up dorothy the dinosaur

greg is gone  (Review 17 of 69)
Reviewed by XXD4 on 12/13/2010 Rating: (10835)

he had a dieasese few years ago he is replaced by sam

miss the wiggles  (Review 18 of 69)
Reviewed by Molly on 11/16/2010 Rating: (10811)

Will you bring Greg back, please?

When I liked The Wiggles in the past...  (Review 19 of 69)
Reviewed by disneyfantastic on 10/13/2010 Rating: (10782)

I loved The Wiggles, until they aired Wiggle & Learn. Yeah,
they have every rights to classic tunes like Twinkle Twinkle
Little Star, but this has gone a bit too far with Wiggle &
Learn. For all lovers of The Wiggles, they air on Channel 218,
which is Sprout (if you get Comcast), daily at 2:00 PM and on
The Sprout Sharing Show at 3:54 PM. If you want more info on
their schedule, go to their website.

The Wiggles  (Review 20 of 69)
Reviewed by Chris on 7/8/2010 Rating: (6086)

On August 21st 2009:

The Wiggles started airing on PBS Kids Sprout.
Now back then, we didn't get Sprout...or any digital cable
Well...except channel 200 which is MoviePlex.
Season 6 airs on Wiggly Waffle at 7:10 AM and 8:10 AM.
Season 5 airs on Let's Go Show at like 7:30ish.
Season 4 airs on daily at 12:00 PM.
Season 3 airs on Sprout Sharing Show and 4:00 PM.

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