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About Disney In The Morning

Disney in the Morning was created to make it easy for people who are interested in the Playhouse Disney television programs learn more about them. The Disney website has some information, but you will not find character names or information about the show there. Here, you can find each show in one easy to find place.

Many hours of research and many hours of watching Playhouse Disney was done to complete this website. Watching some shows was more fun than others, and I may even put my reviews on this website, but for the time being it will be just informational.

Because the lineup of shows on Disney Channel changes so frequently, we will do our best to keep this site updated for you as well. I know from doing the research that coming up with information on these shows is very hard to do, so I hope you enjoy what I have compiled here for your pleasure.

DisneyInTheMorning's Readers Reviews and Comments on About Disney In The Morning

Average Rating: (4.83) Out of 24 Reviews

PTotQZMSPYN  (Review 1 of 24)
Reviewed by tVNaYBTGUZygepIhDHA on 5/7/2012 Rating: (11103)

Now's the time to get yorlseufGERITOLGERITOLGERITOLNow's the time to yorlseuf GERITOLand take it every day!!!I'd have thought you'd have been ready for the Traditional Phone Greeting. Suck it up, I waited until after 6, didn't I?

TImBYcDjsCMmCc  (Review 2 of 24)
Reviewed by kmAlIUIT on 5/5/2012 Rating: (11101)

aunt harriet/mom - glad you are back on line again .you know we live vicluiorsay through you and your blog! Glad that your sickness has not been as long or bad as with Coop.Hope you all are having a wonderful time!See you Christmas!

MickeyMouseLover is back!!!  (Review 3 of 24)
Reviewed by MickeyMouseLover on 11/20/2011 Rating: (11028)

My old account (MickeyMouseLover) is back!!! So check out more
reviews/comments from me, MickeyMouseLover (Chris)!!! :)

Put it on Disney!  (Review 4 of 24)
Reviewed by arthurfan37 on 11/17/2011 Rating: (11023)

Put Arthur on Disney please!! :/

self destruction time  (Review 5 of 24)
Reviewed by arthurfan37 on 11/17/2011 Rating: (11024)

This message will be self destructing in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!

message to disney in the morning  (Review 6 of 24)
Reviewed by christhebearlover on 10/26/2011 Rating: (11013)

Dear Disney in the Morning,

Please make a review/comment page for PB&J Otter.
I used to watch it a lot when I was a baby.
I do like the other review/comment pages you have on this
website, but you should really make more review/comment pages
on this website.

Chris!! :)

message to disney in the morning  (Review 7 of 24)
Reviewed by zoboomafoolover on 7/3/2011 Rating: (10981)

dear disney in the morning,

please put zoboomafoo from pbs kids on to disney junior.

thank you,

New message  (Review 8 of 24)
Reviewed by PlayhouseDisneyLover on 6/17/2011 Rating: (10968)

Hello. My name is PlayhouseDisneyLover. My name
MickeyMouseLover has expired.

DisneyArchive  (Review 9 of 24)
Reviewed by PlayhouseDisneyLover on 6/17/2011 Rating: (10969)

You can find Clay, Bear, Tony & Viv and Stanley at
DisneyArchive, where computering is powered by gigabytes.

Mickey Mouse in the morning  (Review 10 of 24)
Reviewed by MickeyMouseLover on 6/12/2011 Rating: (10957)

I've seen Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I don't like it. I like the
cartoon Mickey Mouse that used to be on Toon Disney. Even
though I don't have cable, I was thinking that you guys should
put the cartoon Mickey Mouse on in the morning. And I am very
angry that Toon Disney got taken off the air. Like my reviewer
name (MickeyMouseLover), I really do love Mickey Mouse. I know
that Disney's House of Mouse is now off the air, but you could
always check House of Mouse online. I just don't know where.

My honest opinions of Mickey Mouse  (Review 11 of 24)
Reviewed by MickeyMouseLover on 4/9/2011 Rating: (10937)

My true rating of Mickey Mouse is 5 gold stars. They should add
more Mickey Mouse shows to the Disney Channel lineup. Speaking
of Mickey Mouse, I would love to visit Walt Disney World this
summer. I'd like to get a picture with Mickey, Goofy, Donald,
and Pluto.

Disney Junior  (Review 12 of 24)
Reviewed by Chris on 2/23/2011 Rating: (10899)

How does everyone feel about the new Disney Junior?

Disney Junior  (Review 13 of 24)
Reviewed by Chris on 2/23/2011 Rating: (10900)

Here's my answer: I think it's great. The current shows that
were on Playhouse Disney weren't all that great. Disney Junior
somehow makes the shows really awesome. Special Agent Oso is my
favorite Disney Junior show. I like how at the end, Oso gets
digi-medals for himself. I like going on the website and
playing the games and earning Special Agent "Gear". And if Oso
ever reads this, YOU ROCK, OSO!

From Playhouse Disney To PBS Kids  (Review 14 of 24)
Reviewed by Chris on 2/20/2011 Rating: (10896)

I have an idea. PBS Kids is still around. Let's bring all the
old shows to PBS Kids.

Playhouse Disney Gets Replaced in Early 2011  (Review 15 of 24)
Reviewed by Chris on 11/25/2010 Rating: (10818)

Hello, Disney in the Morning subscribers.

What I'm about to tell you right now is kind of sad news! February 2011, Playhouse Disney will become off the
air. But, for right now, only in the USA, it's successor will
be Disney Junior. And for all fans of the Babar show from HBO,
a new show called Babar and the Adventures of Badou will air on
Disney Junior. It will be kinda great though. And for some of
you people too. Thanks to the current shows on Playhouse Disney.

Hope you guys will like Playhouse Disney's new successor. I
definitely will. I will LOVE Disney Junior!!

Special Agent Oso  (Review 16 of 24)
Reviewed by Chris on 7/20/2010 Rating: (6227)

I love Special Agent Oso.
They have plush dolls on e-Bay.

shows  (Review 17 of 24)
Reviewed by Chris on 7/5/2010 Rating: (5975)

I love Bear.
But listen to this:

The current shows I watch now:

are Good Luck Charlie, Hannah Montana, Zoboomafoo, Barney, and
The Wiggles, and Brain surge, and a lot of others too.

Thanks guys!

This is it!  (Review 18 of 24)
Reviewed by kid is a boy on 7/5/2010 Rating: (5976)

My favorite shows on Playhouse Disney is Special Agent Oso and

Disney  (Review 19 of 24)
Reviewed by DisneyFan#9 on 5/6/2010 Rating: (4800)


Bear in the Big Blue House  (Review 20 of 24)
Reviewed by Disney's #1 Biggest Fan on 11/5/2009 Rating: (4643)

I would like Bear in the Big Blue House to back on television
for Disney Channel's morning lineup please.

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