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Disney In The Morning News

09/09/2008 - Imagination Movers

Imagination Movers full length show debuts on Disney Playhouse this week

Imagination Movers Infomation and Reviews

08/20/2007 - Friends Tigger and Pooh

Disney Playhouse has a new Winnie The Pooh Show

My Friends Tigger and Pooh Infomation and Reviews

09/19/2006 - Handy Manny

Handy Manny is Disney Playhouse's new show.

Handy Manny Information and Reviews

09/07/2006 - Higglytown Heroes

Finally there is some Higglytown Heroes merchandise available.

Higglytown Heroes Merchandise

09/05/2006 - Doodlebop Merchandise!

There is now a lot of Doodlebop merchandise available including Doodlebops Costumes.

The DoodleBops Merchandise

The Doodlebops, The Wiggles and Johnny and the Sprites will perform at the Walt Disney World Resort this summer. Visit Walt Disney World Disney Magical Beginnings for dates.

On Friday May 5th 2006, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is scheduled to premier at 730pm/630pm Central Time.

It looks like Breakfast with Bear is out and Bear In The Big Blue House is back. If so this is happy news based on the comments we have received.

Recently added to the Playhouse Disney lineup is the fun mini show Johnny and the Sprites.

Does your child watch Breakfast with Bear? If so, check out the new Shanna's Show skit during the episodes! In these skits, Shane is preparing for Kindergarten.

New Wiggles Episodes began in September. They are not shown daily, so check your local listings.

New Doodlebops shows, season 2 should begin in January. Prepare for new uniforms, a new hairstyle for DeeDee and more.

October 2005 on Playhouse Disney:

Watch Charlie and Lola for the Pink Milk-a-thon

Little Einstein's will debut on Sunday night October 9, and begin the normal schedule Monday October 10th.

October is Halloween month, so watch for special Halloween programs on the weekends!

Coming to Playhouse Disney in November:

There will be big happenings at the Big Top in Circus Town coming soon. In November look for a special Thanksgiving Hip Hooray Parade on JoJo's Circus. The parade will premier in November. Also, look for a JoJo's Circus Marathon sometime this month.

Playhouse Disney Live on Stage can be seen live at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World.

Disney Live on Stage is touring right now with Winnie the Pooh!

Coming soon, look for information on a Bear in the Big Blue House live tour.


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