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Disney Fantasy Stateroom/Category Information and Reveiws

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Please use this thread to talk about and review the various categories and staterooms on the Disney Fantasy.  Please make sure to include your deck, room and category to make it easier for people searching Google to find your reviews.  Pictures are appreciated if you have them.

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We stayed in cabin 6669 a 10A category Deluxe Inside Stateroom on deck 6. It was  Star Wars decorated and Christmas decorated so it was busy but it was fun. There was a Magic Porthole Inside room.  Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the room but it was wonderful.  It was located AFT which is our favorite spot and it was very quiet.  Occasionally when inside during the day I could heard the people in the connecting room but it was never loud.

I loved our Magic Porthole.  There is actually a camera on the ship that takes real time video and that is what you see, with the occasional Disney character appearing on the screen.  You can leave the magic porthole on all day and night, or turn it off at night.  I liked it on because it makes a wonderful nightlight making it easy to get up and use the bathroom because the room is not completely dark.

Because of the Magic Porthole it wasn't really a good example of an inside room, but the size was.  And frankly, while it felt small a few times, normally it was just fine.  There was plenty of room under the bed for our luggage and plenty of desktop space.  We also enjoyed the plug in's located by the bed under the desk lamps.  This was our first time in a room only 214 sq feet and it was fine.  I do recommend the split bath.  For one thing it adds 40 sq. feet to get to that 214 total, but it also makes it easier to get ready in the morning when taking showers.



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