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Why use a Disney Travel Agent to book your Disney Vacation?

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With the information available on today’s internet anyone can research and book a Disney Vacation.  So why use a Disney Travel Agency?

Knowledge It’s hard to believe how complicated a Disney Vacation can become.  Walt Disney World has 6 parks, over 45 hotels, and a multitude of dining, entertainment, and shopping options.  Are you a 1st time Disney Cruiser?  The Disney Fantasy has 25 room categories, 14 passenger decks and over 1200 staterooms.  A Disney Travel agent that has graduated from the Disney College of Knowledge has both the resources and knowledge to help you wade through all the choices you have to make.

Experience – The cousin of knowledge.  An experienced Disney Travel Agent will have been taking Disney Vacations for years.  They will have booked 100s of other Disney Vacations.  And when an travel agent does have the specific experience they have to resources to go find someone that does.  Leanne from White Oak Travel has been traveling to Disneyland, Walt Disney World and taking Disney Cruises for over 30 years.

Service – Most Travel Agents become Disney specialists because they love Disney and the service Disney provides.  At White Oak Travel we are committed to providing the same level of service.  You will work with one person and we generally are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Saves Money - In general you can get the same rates as a Travel Agent.  However a Disney Travel Agent will know the best times to travel which can save you money.  Disney agents are on the Disney travel agent site daily and are aware when discounts come out… sometimes before the general public.  Many times those discounts can be applied to an already booked vacation.  If you are taking a Disney Cruise many Disney Travel Agencies offer shipboard credits for you to spend on your cruise as a reward for using them.  White Oak Travel is one of those agencies.  The list of credit amounts can be found here.

Saves Time – Spend your time planning the fun parts of your vacation and not waiting on the phone trying to reserve your dining or excursions at midnight.  You can do as much as the research and reservation booking that you want and turn over the rest to your Travel Agent.  Can’t get that hugely popular dining reservation?  Let your travel agent spend the time checking every day for cancellations.  Want to book that Disney Cruise the day rates come out?  Let the travel agent worry about checking daily for the new rates.

It’s Free – Disney pays Travel Agents a commission… you don’t.  You receives years of Disney experience and knowledge at no cost to yourself.

Dealing with problems – We certainly hope your Disney vacation is problem free.  However occasionally issues do come up before and during your vacation.  Let us deal with it.  We can’t solve every problem that comes up during your vacation but we can certainly try to relieve you of the stress of dealing with it.

We certainly understand people that want to research, plan and book their own Disney Vacations.  We have done that ourselves for most of our personal vacations.  However we feel there are significant reasons to use a Disney Travel Agent… especially for first time Disney travelers.

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