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7 Magical nights on the Fantasy and one night at Very Merry Christmas Party

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We began our trip on December 16, 2016 at the Very Merry Christmas Party at Walt Disney World.  We had Wishes Dessert Buffett reservations  for that night.  We didn't get into Orlando until after 3 so there was no way we were going to get to Magic Kingdom by 4.  We checked into the Coronado Springs Hotel for the night and I loved this hotel.  It was very nicely done, the room was nice and the hotel grounds were beautiful.  I was immediately saddened that we were not staying here for our second part of the trip.  I don't have any room photos but I have a few from the grounds of the hotel:





We got to our room and settled in for the night before heading to the Magic Kingdom for the Christmas Party.  We were at the gates after a very long security line by seven pm, the start of the party.  Alex wanted to ride Pirates so we grabbed food, the boys finished quickly and went to ride Pirates while I finished eating.  They were gone for a long time but did make it back before the first parade.  Andy went to record something at Cinderella Castle and Alex wanted a Pin so we went to get that, then found a spot for the parade.  We sat in Frontierland, the start of the parade.  The parade was much different than the last time we saw it:





After the parade we had to hustle over to Tomorrowland Terrace to check in at 830.  Alex wanted to ride Haunted Mansion first so they did that while I went to check us in for the Dessert party.  Sorry no pictures here but I was frustrated because they had changed this since the last time we did the dessert party.  They used to have about 40-50 guests and have assigned tables so it didn't matter when you came in or checked in.  Now there are about 200 guests and it is first come first serve.  Because of the ride the boys did, we were last seated so didn't have a choice of seats.  Amazingly we were able to see the fireworks from there and enjoyed a few treats and drinks.  This is where we made the decision that this was our last Christmas party.  I was told later that there were only 40k people there, but it felt like there were much more than that.  It felt like a summer Saturday afternoon capacity crowd.  I guess when everyone in the park has the same goals (the parade and fireworks) it gets very messy and crowded.  






I decided at this point to ride Tomorrowland Transit Authority and call it a night.  Well, TTA was down, so the boys went to ride Buzz.  I hate the Disney World version of Buzz so decided to shop and call it a night, after all we cruised the next day.  So I went to Main Street in search of a Gallery of Light piece and found it exactly where I expected.  Disneyana.  So I got the Jack and Sally Gallery of Light there and discovered they are very heavy.  I met up with the boys and we left the party.  Went back to Coronado Springs and called to get our bus information and luggage pickup information before going to bed for the night.

The next day would begin our second Cruise on the Disney Fantasy.

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When I got back to the hotel room after the party we had to call the front desk to find out what time to be at the lobby in the morning (11) for our cruise and what time they were picking up our luggage (8), so I went right to bed, knowing that I would be the one to get up in the morning at 8 since Andy is used to staying up late.


On the morning of the 17th I woke at 745 and quickly got dressed so I would be ready when the knock on the door came.  Soon they did come and 4 of our bags were then taken so they could be brought to our room on the ship.  We were left with one suitcase for beer, chocolate milk and water and a few backpacks.

We had a lazy morning after that, just hanging out in our room, they kept knocking to see when we were leaving, I kept telling them 1045 (check out time is 11) and yet they kept knocking.  We finally left at about 10:40 to make our way to the lobby.  I was so excited.  Not our first cruise by far, but you'd never know that by how excited I was.  When we got to the lobby we decided to get some breakfast so we went to the bakery and picked up a few blueberry muffins.  They looked real good but were very dry.  A few minutes after I finished my muffin, the Cruise people showed up and said the bus would be arriving soon.  But it wasn't soon, it was about 30 minutes later when it finally arrived.

On the bus they showed Annie, and I had not seen this version so I was very happy just watching the movie.  I was so entranced with the movie I missed it.  Yep I missed the first view of the Fantasy, our home for the next 7 nights!  But once I could see it I never took my eyes off of it.  I love cruising, it is my favorite form of travel.  







Once we got to the port we quickly got off the bus and were on our way through security.  The line was short and we were soon in line for check-in, with the standard 'are you sick' form which asks if you've thrown up in the past 24 hours and a few other questions.  Flu stuff mostly.  I filled it out and waiting impatiently in line.  Soon it was our turn and we got to check in.  We gave the Cast Member our form that I got from online check-in, signed in all appropriate places.  We were given a few copies of the Navigator, our room number, our lanyards because we were silver Castaway Club members and headed through the Mickey opening and onto the ship!  By the time we got onto the ship it was almost 1:30.  We were able to go directly to our cabin, so we did that and found it full.  I had gotten the Christmas decorations and the Star Wars decorations and both were hanging in the room.  We moved a few hanging items so we could walk around and were so happy to be home!  Our luggage wasn't there yet so we headed on up to get some lunch.  We ate then toured the kids clubs.  Because I am a travel agent I was able to take pictures in the kids clubs.



After touring the kids clubs we decided to go see if our luggage was there and it wasn't in front of our cabin, but inside.  Alex had put it inside for us.  We unpacked and got ready for muster, then the Sail Away Party.  As usual muster was boring, and everyone and their brother was trying to go upstairs for the Sail Away Party.  Andy was the first to make it and found a fairly good spot, where we could see some of the stage and all of the screen.  Amazingly, this was our 5th cruise and we had never seen this show.  I enjoyed it this time but probably wouldn't do it again. 


Yeah the picture shows we had a good view.  After Sail Away we went to see if luggage was delivered and sure enough it was.  Alex had taken it inside the cabin.  So, we unpacked and prepared for me to go to trivia at 7:45.  I knew where to be for dinner so was on my way.  The first night I was alone for trivia and did miserable.  The room was packed.  I then met the boys for dinner and was so happy to see one of my best friends, Kristin and her family at dinner.  Marissa was 14 and Chris her husband.  I sat across from Chris while Kristin sat across from Andy.


After dinner we had plans to go to the Tube for Match your Mate.  Yep, I talked Andy into doing this again, and again we lost.  We have been married almost 30 years, it's hard to remember the early years.  It was fun because I met Joshie, our club host who was totally awesome.  But it had been a long day, so after Match your Mate it was time for bed for us.

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