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Disney Money and the Anticipation of spending what you save! (08/25/06)

Hi, my name is Leanne and I am a Disneyhollic. Yes the first step is admitting it, but I don't plan on changing!

So our next trip to Disneyland is not until December, but one reason we are doing this trip is because we had money left over from our June vacation. Money left over? What was I thinking not spending that while I was shopping? Oh yeah, it was because I knew if we had money left over, then we might get to go again.

While I have been trying to figure out where money is coming from for our next trip (the spending money, eating money and such) I decided to take a quick look to see what we have so far.

A few weeks ago we came into money from a sale of stock. I did take $385.00 of that money right off the top to buy Disney Dollars. I did this in case an emergency came up I wanted to make sure I got some of that money. Good thing I did too, because we had a $300.00 truck emergency and my Disney money would have been gone! It all worked out, but at least I know my money is safe.

So of that chunk of money, Alex gets $85.00 to shop with when we go in December. Well, he was going to anyway. After counting our Disney Dollars I realized that not only did I have some left over, but so did Alex! We also had $200.00 in gift cards that were not used. We had purchased those for meals, and ate much less expensively than we had figured, so now we have a good start on December's meals. These gift cards, available at or the Disney Store are a great way to prepay meals without having to save cash on hand. The cards can be taken for food or merchandise at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure where credit cards are accepted. They can also be used for Character meals.

So, while I have yet to even schedule our meals because we are too far out, and we still don't have airfare, I know we can eat and I can shop while at Disneyland in December. In addition to the above mentioned Disney Dollars, we have almost $50.00 more in Disney Dollars and a ton of quarters that can be turned into dollars when we get closer.

You may wonder why I chose this topic to write about. Well, we have a lot of members on our message boards who are trying to save money for trips to a Disney Resort, and this is one great way to do it. Not only do you save the money without it getting spent on something else, but it is also fun to get Disney Dollars and gift cards, and helps with the excitement and anticipation of your upcoming vacation.

Now I can get even more excited because my watch broke a few weeks after our last trip. It was that trip when I threw traditions away, and didn't buy a new watch for the first time in years. Then it breaks. I was devastated. Now I am planning on buying a new one in December. I love saving money for Disneyland. I love getting the Disney Dollars and gift cards. And even more, I love the anticipation having these items bring to mind because I KNOW that they can only be used on Disney items. Being a person who doesn't spend much on herself, Disney is my one big extravagance. It is the one time when everyone in my family knows that I will shop for myself instead of my son.

You can chat with Leanne at our disney forums where she is known as Tink.

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