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Dreaming of the Magic Kingdom (May 5, 2008)

Dreaming of the MagicKingdom


It is finally going to happen.  Nerves or not, I am going to Walt Disney World in less than a month.  After going to Disneyland over and over in the past 20 years, this will be our first trip to the biggest Disney Resort in the World.


Yes, I am very nervous and even a bit scared.  Walt Disney World is so big, and Disneyland is so small.  Looking at the map of the MagicKingdom I realized how long a walk it would be from Frontierland to ToonTown.  I think we will be using the Disney World Railroad to get from place to place much more often than we use it at Disneyland.


Getting from one theme park to the next is not as simple as just walking across the esplanade so I will have to rely on Disney transportation.  I am really curious to see how well this works, and how long it will really take to get from one park to another.  Never having been at Walt Disney World before it will all be new to me and each different theme park will be a lesson to learn.  I sure hope Walt Disney World has a big learning curve!


Even with all of the nervousness and fear there is also an overwhelming feeling of excitement.  Finally I will be going to the other side of America to see the offerings from my favorite company.  Will I love it there, or hate it?  I know that each and everything I see and do will be compared to Disneyland.


Sure, I have seen the videos.  I know there are many of the same rides, and many of those same rides are vastly different.  I know that the MagicKingdom has CinderellaCastle.  I have heard it is almost twice as big as my beloved SleepingBeautyCastle.  There is no New Orleans Square, but instead there is Liberty Square.  I am a very patriotic person so I can’t wait to see this small corner of the MagicKingdom.


For years I have dreamed of this first trip to Walt Disney World.  Since Alex was born I had actually planned this first trip to happen between his graduation from Kindergarten and his first day of first grade.  That would be a week long trip where we could take the time to explore each of the parks thoroughly.  It is not happening that way at all.  Instead we are going one year early, and only for four days.  With limited time we know we can’t do each park justice so have planned the bulk of our time at the MagicKingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Sure this trip is not what I have been planning for years.  Instead it was a trip that fell into our laps because of a work obligation for my husband and the wonderful stimulus money from the government.  We will enjoy this first trip.  I have plans for this new dream and just knowing we are going to Walt Disney World is something very special.


This article has been written because we all dream.  Many times our dreams change.  We make new dreams.  That is what we have done.  We have a new dream, and that is for a wonderful vacation.  We will be seeing new things, and things that are familiar, seeing old friends and making new ones, and spending time together at yet another DisneyTheme Park, living four magical days all because of dreams.


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