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My Disney Darling (06/05/07)

My son is only 4 and ½ years old, yet he knows more about Disneyland than many adults. His favorite game to play at home is Disneyland. Of course, before playing, he has to build it!

With the help of Sleeping Beauty Castle which was purchased at Disneyland in 2005 as the focal point of his Disneyland, he has a rather good start. On our last trip, we bought a few tokens from the Star Traders shop, since he loved Star Tours so much. Of course, those items are Star Tours in his Disneyland. While we don't have something that looks the Dumbo ride, he does have a small elephant, which is Dumbo. His other animals, of course, are the Jungle Cruise! Haunted Mansion is a character from the ride, also purchased at Disneyland. Recently we were getting a birthday gift for a female friend of his when we found a teacups set. Yes, they do make these!

Alex is quite the Imagineer when building his Disneyland. Using the above listed items, along with other toys, such as Buzz Lightyear, and more, he completes his Disneyland.

What he is missing though is a Small World toy. Disneyland does not sell a toy of the glockenspiel, which would make him the happiest child on earth. Instead, he settles himself in with a small boat and a few 'people' to pretend to be on the ride.

In May we found Mickey's House to be on sale. Of course, that is ToonTown in this world of the make believe Disneyland. And of course he has a small Monorail, which fits perfectly on the bridge that goes with his train set, looking just like the Golden Gate Bridge seen at California Adventure.

Alex also loves to draw. Of course, most of his drawings are of the Small World façade, including the opening for the boats to enter the attraction.

We could spend thousands of dollars to purchase the replica of Disneyland sold in the Disney Gallery. While on one hand, I would love to have that, on the other hand, I love watching the love of my life build his own version of Disneyland.

It is such a treat to see his love of Disneyland on a daily basis. He is very excited to see a local friend so he can tell her all about Star Tours since she has never been on the attraction.

People often tell me that one day Alex will grow out of his love for Disneyland. I don't see that happening. He loves Disney, and loves the Happiest Place on Earth. Each day, he asks when we can go back. He has been there 6 times already, and we are currently in the planning stages for trips 7 and 8, hopefully happening later this year.

We plan all of our trips around his likes and dislikes of course, so sometimes that makes the trip planning a bit tough, but we still enjoy doing it and scheduling a new trip for our youngest Disneyland fan. Our trips to Disneyland will continue until he no longer wants to do that for a family vacation. For me though, I can only hope we never hear those words from our Disney Darling.

Do you have your own Disney Darling? I would love to hear about your child. Join me on our forums at to discuss this topic!


You can chat with Leanne at our disney forums where she is known as Tink.

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