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Ariels Grotto Princess Meal Review 2007

We absolutely loved the Princess lunch at Ariel’s Grotto located inside Disney’s California Adventure. My advice is to book the very first meal time of the day. This way the princesses are fresh, the wait staff is just beginning and work the room more because they are not yet exhausted, and the kitchen is not behind and gets the food out quicker. To make the Princess lunch more magical, I highly recommend dressing your princesses in their favorite Disney princess dresses. The princess spent more time and interacted more with those dressed like them. That doesn't mean that they will be ignored if they don't dress up as the princesses at our meal were fantastic. By the way, you can usually get great deals on princess dresses here at  My daughter Gabrielle dressed as Snow White. The food was quite good. I had a salad, cheeseburger, and midway triple madness - very good. My wife had the chicken noodle soup which was ok, the chicken Caesar salad which she liked, and the midway triple madness. Gabrielle our 4yr old had the octa-dog with mac and cheese, and swirls of pearls sundae for desert. She didn't eat much of the main course but said it was good. She was too excited about the princesses.

Gabrielle was so excited when Ariel came out. Ariel was fantastic. She gushed all over Gabrielle and told her how much she loved her dress and how she had thought that Snow White was sitting at our table. She stayed quite a while and when she signed Gabrielle's autograph book she wrote, to the fairest one of all, love and fishes your BFF. Then she told her to make sure that snow white read the entry. Next came Snow White and again fantastic. It was so much fun watching Gabrielle and Snow White interacting. When snow white read Ariel’s entry she started giggling. Then Ariel came over and they both gushed all over Gabrielle together. My wife said it almost brought her to tears with how special the two of them had made Gabrielle's lunch. Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty did quick stop, autograph, picture and left. Last was Belle who also spent a little longer with Gabrielle.

Well worth the price and we loved it. Our food came out quick and the Princesses made memories of a lifetime for Gabrielle. 

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11/10/2015Kulwinder, You can't lie [about your skills] in the kichten. You'll be found out the first time you f*#k up because you don't know what you're doing. Pretty much says it all.Dave

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