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HIstory of Belle

Belle's story has been told over and over… yet it wasn't until Disney turned her fairy tale story into Beauty and the Beast that she became famous. One of the most highly sought after Princesses at any Disney Theme Park, Belle is well loved by both adults and children.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast premiered in 1991 and instantly became one of Disney's most successful films. Winning several Academy Awards for the movies music, including Original Score, Best Music, and Best Song for three different songs. The song 'Belle' took home the Oscar for Original Song. This film was also nominated for Best Picture; and while it lost to Silence of the Lambs, Beauty and the Beast did take home the Best Picture at the Golden Globes.

Belle is supposed to marry Gaston but doesn't want to because she wants more out of life. She hops aboard her horse Philippe and heads out to find her father. When she does find him he is being held captive by a horrible beast.

Paige O'Hara supplied Belle's movie voice and Belle was created from live action model Sherri Stoner. Beauty and the Beast was the last movie in which each voice actor was also the singing voice for the character.

Also of note for this film is the very beginning where a deer is seen in front of the Castle. It has been confirmed that this deer is Bambi's mother right before she was shot. It is implied in the film that Gaston was the man who shot Bambi's mother.

In true Disney fashion, Belle realizes there is more to the Beast than ugliness and evilness. She begins to fall in love. The beautiful Belle has found someone to love.

In addition to Belle's visit's to the Disney Theme Parks, she is also a character in Kingdom Hearts, and like Jasmine she is one of the Princesses of Heart.

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