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Collectors Corner

Leanne's Collector's Corner is a new part of DisneyMouseLinks. In this section you will find information on collecting Disney items. Articles on Disney collecting, information on new collectibles that are released; and of course, many pictures and writings from my own personal Disney collection will all be in Leanne's Collector's Corner.

For years I have been collecting various Disney items. Over the years my collection has changed; growing, expanding, and redefining itself. I meticulously collect now knowing what I want and going out to get it once I see a specific item. My Disney collection is something I treasure and I add to it quite often.

My Disney collection affects both my husband and my son. It is one thing in my life that I tend to treat as a hobby. For that is what collecting is to me. It is my hobby, and now, the decision has been made. It is time to share my hobby with you. Not just my hobby, but tips on how to collect. What to collect, and where to get great deals. I will tell you what not to waste your money on, or what to pay big prices for.

Leanne's Collector's Corner will also give you the opportunity to share with everyone your very own collection. In words or in pictures your collection can now be displayed for millions of people to enjoy.

In future installments you will learn where my collection is displayed. What items are packed up for safekeeping and what I enjoy every single day for its beauty and the joy it brings to my life.

Various topics will be brought up. I will share with you how my collection affects my family. How does my family feel about all of the Disney memorabilia they live with on a daily basis? These and more questions will be answered.

I hope you enjoy Leanne's Collectors Corner as much as I enjoy sharing my immense collection with you. I hope you use it to see what others collect. To share your collection with others, or to simply ask questions.

I am not an appraiser. I will tell you how to get an idea of what your Disney items are worth, but cannot tell you myself, unless you happen to own something I also have.

This section is not for barter, trade, or sale of collectibles. It is for sharing. Sharing knowledge of your Disney collection, pride of your Disney collection, and the never-ending imagination of a Disney collector.

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