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Disneyland/Disney World Baby Centers

The Baby Care Center's at the Disneyland Resort in California are very useful for parents of both babies and toddlers. For some reason, they are not well known, so are rarely crowded. The Baby Care Center does not have a place for your child to nap, or a babysitting service, but it is available for other needs related to baby and toddler care. The Cast Members that work in this part of the parks are very helpful and a source of calm on a hot, crowded day at the Disney Resort.

What you will find here is a wonderful area that is quiet.  It is cool.  People talk in hushed tones.  Relaxing and comforting for child and for mother or father.

The Baby Care Center at Disneyland Park is located very close to the Main Street Photo Supply Company, tucked away to the left of that store, and to the right of the Plaza Inn. At Disney's California Adventure, the Baby Care Center is located in the Golden State, near the Mission Tortilla Factory.

While changing tables are available in most Disney restrooms (both the men's and women's rooms); the Baby Care Center is a much more relaxed area to change a diaper and take a little break from the crowds and noise of the Disneyland Resort.   

At the Baby Care Center, you will find an area with comfortable rocking chairs where you can breast-feed your child (no men are allowed in this room). There are also facilities here where you can warm a bottle or a jar of baby food, or to clean out an empty bottle.

For the toddler being potty trained, or even finished training, there are smaller versions of adult flush toilets in another room. If you use a small toilet at home, this will provide a feeling of comfort for your child.

Baby changing tables are large and comfortable, and the atmosphere is very calming for children.

If you run out of baby food or need an emergency diaper, the Baby Care Center is the place to go. They charge per diaper and in 2004 the cost of a diaper was $1.00 each, so prices have probably gone up a bit.  This may sound expensive, but if you run out and don't want to return to your hotel, this is a simple way to purchase a diaper for your child. The Baby Care Center also has formula and baby food, in limited selections available for purchase.

If you locate the Baby Care Centers after you enter both Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure you will know where to go when you need food, a potty, or just a calming place to change a diaper out of the public eye and out of the hustle and bustle of a Resort restroom.  This little gem of the parks could help save your sanity in a very exciting place.


Walt Disney World Baby Centers

Magic Kingdom - next to the Crystal Palace restaurant. All park restrooms have baby changing facilities.

Epcot - in the Odyssey Center, between Mexico and Test Track has changing tables and facilities for nursing mothers.

MGM Studios - at Guest Relations near the park entrance has changing tables and facilities for nursing mothers.

Animal Kingdom - on Discover Island next to Creature comforts.

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