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Disneyland Space Mountain Review

Disneyland's Space Mountain is not your typical roller coaster. Having been closed for almost three years now Space Mountain is all set for its Grand Reopening on July 15th, 2005. We were lucky to be in Tomorrowland on July 1st when they had a 'Soft Opening' and were able to check out the refurbished ride.

This is one of the most anticipated reopening in Disneyland history. It is also the longest ride closed for refurbishment in Disneyland history. Since Space Mountain was a guest favorite when it closed to be rebuilt it has gained in popularity due to its closure and the anticipated opening. Space Mountain is a different type of roller coaster and is very deserving of this fan base.

On the face of it there were not many changes in the actual attraction we all knew and loved. Sure there are some cosmetic changes. Now the ride vehicles are white and purple. Now the queue resembles more of a space ship. The music has changed. The bunny hops are new. Space Mountain is still ridden in a dark room, lit only by 'stars' over your head. The biggest noticeable change is in the entry into 'space' where you used to go up with the red and black-lit tube spinning around your ride vehicle is now completely different. You know travel slowly, making a few turns before the high speed rocket through space travel begins. But even with the changes, the familiar is still there. Space Mountain is still the attraction you loved before it was rebuilt.

As you fly through the cosmos accompanied by an all-new soundtrack you can see special effects among the shooting stars. It was 1977 when you were introduced to this fast moving roller coaster in the dark. Now, in 2005, enjoy it again, or for the first time.

If you have a problem with motion sickness, this is one attraction you want to be sure to take your medication for. Since it takes place in the dark, and you can't see where the attraction vehicle is going, even people without a motion sickness issue tend to feel a little woozy after this attraction.

Space Mountain will have Fastpass, and it looks like the Fastpass queue will bypass the major portion of the line, allowing Fastpass holders to join the queue inside the Space Mountain Building. From this point, if the line is backed up to the security camera's it is about a 20-minute wait.

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