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Goofy's Kitchen Dinner Review, May 2007

Who:  Andy (43), Leanne (41), Kevin (30’s), and Alex (4 ½)


On Sunday May 6, 2007 we once again had the pleasure of eating at Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel.  Our priority seating reservations were for 5:15pm.   We were in line to check in by 5:00pm (the time they open for dinner), and were quickly at the front of the line.  Here I made my first request for our favorite table.  Next we got in line to pay, and again I requested our favorite table.


Within minutes of paying we were seated, at our favorite table!  This was a very special trip to Goofy’s Kitchen for us.  For the first time, our friend Kevin (who we met at Disneyland seven years ago) was able to join us for our beloved character meal.


After being seated our server came for our drink orders, and we began to leave in shifts to get food.  We always left at least one adult at the table with Alex so we would not miss any characters.  For some reason this trip, we all really enjoyed the food.  I don’t know if was simply better than normal (it is always good) or we were hungrier than normal, but we did enjoy this meal.


We were pretty much down to desserts when the dancing portion came up, and Andy took Alex to dance with Goofy.  This is when things at Goofy’s Kitchen went totally nutty.  Kevin was trying to get a view of the dancing so he could take a picture of Alex when he hit the table.  Half of the drinks spilled all over the place.  Fortunately for us, it was mostly water by this point.  Kevin and I were cracking up, grabbing cameras and generally having a good time when Andy and Alex returned.  With a camera in my hand and laughter from both of us, Andy quickly sees the problem and moves in to help.  Not a good idea.  Andy ended up spilling every drink that Kevin didn’t previously spill!  We had a wet soggy mess at our table by this time.  Andy went to get our server, who brought a ton of napkins and new drinks without blinking.  She was very quick to help, and had a huge smile on her face while doing it. 


Of course, when you hear a story like that but miss parts of it, the assumption is quickly made that the 4 year old caused the problem.  Not in this case.  Even big kids can make a mess.  We all laughed and had a good time, and will all have this memory forever.


While dining at Goofy’s Kitchen we saw Belle (Alex didn’t react to her at all), Jasmine (one of Alex’s favorite movies) on the other hand was a huge hit.  Alex cuddled up to her and enjoyed talking to her.  We also saw Minnie Mouse, Goofy (of course, it is his meal) and Chip.  Sadly, we didn’t see Dale on this visit.  Those two always have so much fun with Alex.


Between the four of us we had chicken, beef, salmon, corn on the cob, pizza, salads and much more.  There was not a food complaint between us.  Often I find the salmon just a bit dry, but this time it was quite moist, and delicious.


I definitely recommend Goofy’s Kitchen – even if you don’t have children.  We always went before Alex was born and really enjoyed it.  Now, with him, it can be a hilarious experience.  One thing he enjoys doing now that we are home though is to play Goofy’s Kitchen. 


Ratings:  Based on 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest.


Food:  5 – it tasted great, and the selection was amazing

Entertainment:  5 – sure, we made a mess to cause more entertainment, but we did have a great time.

Character Interaction:  5 – the characters that were there all came by, and were willing to spend several minutes with us this trip.

Characters there:  Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Chip, Belle and Jasmine.



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