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Ticket and Transportation Center

The Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC) is a central hub that allows you to find transportation to all the Walt Disney World Parks and most area hotels.  When you arrive at the TTC you will see a huge parking lot with several signs up for various buses. 


There is a bus station for Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and the Water Parks and Downtown Disney.  There is also a station for the Downtown Disney Hotels, and one for Shades of Green.  Further out there are bus stops for public transporation and other area buses. These stations are simply signs that name the park or location where the bus will take you and the bus will park at the sign to pick you up. 


At first glance this area can be quite confusing but it really is easy to navigate.  When your bus drops you off, just check the sign so you will know where to pick up the bus on your return. The signs are all in a half circle in the parking lot and there are covered benches for you to sit and wait. 


If you are using a non-Disney bus your drop off area might not be as clearly marked by your hotel name.  It is important to remember where you will be picked up.  After dark when you are tired this huge parking lot looks a little different.


There is an information window at the TTC where you can get information on where to pick up your bus but we found that this window was usually closed after the park was closed so check when you enter instead of waiting until you leave.  Your hotel should also have information on where to pick up the bus.


After you exit your bus, you will either go to another station or enter the TTC itself.  If you are going to the Magic Kingdom or Epcot, you will want to enter the TTC.  If you are going anywhere else, you want to walk to the appropriate sign and wait there for your bus.


Once you leave the parking lot and enter the TTC you will find rest rooms, drink machines and even a gift shop.  Past all of this are places where you can buy park tickets. 


This portion of the TTC is very clean, bright, and colorful, and definitely Disney.  Once you enter through the openings near each ticket window you will see ramps leading up to different Monorails and a Ferry Dock.  To your right is an additional set of restrooms.


There are three Monorails that go to the Ticket and Transportation Center.  One will take you to the Magic Kingdom.  Another will take you to Epcot.  The third will take you to the resort hotels with Monorail service:  The Grand Floridian, The Polynesian and the Contemporary.  The Monorails run about every 7 minutes.


You can also take the Ferry to the Magic Kingdom.   The Ferry is a bit slower but still gets you there in approximately 8 minutes.  Whether you take the Ferry or the Monorail you can keep your child in the stroller and people in wheelchairs may remain in the chair for the transport.


No matter which option you choose to get to the Magic Kingdom you will find yourself dropped off just outside the park.  You will then go through security so make sure all of your bags are open and easily accessible with even your camera bags open.  Once you get through security you will find the entrance gates right in front of you!


If you are going to Animal Kingdom, Downtown Disney, Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach you will need to take a bus.  Instead of entering the Transportation and Ticket center you will stay in the area where the buses drop off and pick up.


Each stop has a sign telling you which bus picks up at each stop.  The one for Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the farthest stop in the half circle of bus stops.  Most of the time during the day you will not have a long line of people waiting for a particular bus but these lines dramatically increase at various times.  If you are trying to catch us a bus after a park has closed you will see a much longer line.  About 1 hour before Extra Magic Hours begin at another park the lines really increase, but they also have busses more frequently.  This is Disney’s way of assuring that you will never have to wait long for a bus when you are at the Ticket and Transportation Center.




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01/12/2019BrittanyTrying to find a way to avoid paying $25 to park God knows where for the Magic Kingdom. Figure we can park for free at Blizzard beach, then catch a free Disney bus to the TTC, then Monorail to MK?

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