Christmas Party at Disneyland

Are you one of the many who would like a Christmas Party at Disneyland in California?


Walt Disney World has one at the Magic Kingdom.  The only way you can see the special Holiday Wishes and the Christmas Parade is to go to this party.  The park closes early for the party but you can go see the Osborne Lights at Hollywood Studios, or Christmas Around the World at Epcot.


At Disneyland, Christmas is one of the most special times to be there.  Not only is there a Christmas Parade but there are also Holiday fireworks.  Every night.  For everyone to see.  But in addition to that Disneyland has Small World Holiday and Haunted Mansion Holiday.  Approximately every 15 minutes after dark the lights go off at Small World and a Christmas Show is projected onto the facade of the building.  Santa's Reindeer Roundup is there for everyone to enjoy.  Imagine sitting on Santa's lap at Disneyland.  What could you possibly ask for when you are at the Happiest Place on Earth.  The Carolers on Main Street.  The Christmas snow.  That is for everyone to enjoy on a daily basis.


Now lets pretend that there were Christmas Parties at Disneyland Park.  First you have an additional expense to get into the park.  But if you are not going to the party, do you get to see the fireworks and Christmas parade?  Probably not.  The lighting of Sleeping Beauty Castle?  Probably Not.  The show on Small World?  Probably Not.  But instead you can purchase tickets to a party and everyone else will too.  So when you do enjoy these things the crowds are heavier than they should be, and instead of getting to see the fireworks every night of your trip, or the Christmas parade two days in a row, you are at a party with everyone else who wants to see them.  On a specific day.


Without the party, everyone can enjoy Disneyland at Christmas for what it is:  Pure Magic.  If you remove one piece of the magic, the whole set diminishes.  Yet if the 'show' is spread out for everyone to enjoy every day, people will come, but not all at once.  (At least until Christmas week).


So do you still think Disneyland should have a Christmas Party?  I think not, but this is just my opinion.  And as always you can discuss this topic at



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