Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party


We were at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party on December 16.  They say that only 40 thousand people were there but it sure felt like the park was at capacity.  Way too crowded.  It felt like a summer Saturday. Seriously Disney?  Maybe you should sell less tickets and make all guests happy.  That will be our last Christmas Party at WDW.  

$10,000 for an inside cabin for 3 people on the June 11-night sailing to the Southern Caribbean?  Seriously?  This is my dream cruise, but not sure where the money is coming from, and after this years fiasco I am not sure it will be back in 2018 but I have been waiting for it for 6 months.

Bringing back the Main Street Electrical Parade, but just barely for 6 months.  Seriously Disney?  Why not keep it at Disneyland longer, as it is a perennial favorite of both old and young.

Seriously Disney, it’s all about the numbers to you.  Number of people and number of Dollars.

The Wishes Dessert Party used to be limited and tables were assigned.  This time there were hundreds of people, no assigned tables, first come first served, so be advised – get there early.

This has been seen over and over this past year with prices going up, attendance going up, crowds to high at the ticketed events and this is just ridiculous.  I know it is nice to have healthy crowds, but lets keep them healthy, not over crowded.  Ticketed events are supposed to be special because there are less people there but frankly, it feels like more people that an average day at Magic Kingdom are at the parties.  Go back to the way it was when the parties were new.  Less people.  After all the tickets are now 100.00 for the event so with less people you could still make as much money as you did ten years ago when prices were ½ of what they are now for a party.

Disney is my favorite way to travel, but sometimes I have to shake my head.

Seriously Disney?


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