Mimi's Café Review

Mimi's Café is the restaurant right across the street from Howard Johnson Anaheim. This is a full service restaurant that is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. While they don't deliver, you can place a to go order and go pick it up. This works nicely if you are staying at Howard Johnson.

The menu here is basically 'all American' food with many items to choose from. The servings are very large, easily satisfying up even the heartiest of appetites; and the children's menu offers many choices. The prices here are similar to what you would find at your local Denny's.

The service is great and the employees are friendly and efficient. Even when very busy, the service is quick and you don't have to wait forever for your food.

We ate here in 2004 and really enjoyed the non theme park meal. Getting away from the hustle and bustle (and lower food quality) of the Disneyland Resort for a meal was fantastic. With the attitude toward children at Disneyland I was a bit concerned about how they would react here if Alex was not totally quiet. That turned out to be no problem. Alex was good, and they give the children crayons to occupy them while waiting for food.

I highly recommend Mimi's Café if you are looking for inexpensive food, and lots of it, combined with great service. Within walking distance of Disneyland, this restaurant is great.

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