Only Six More Months of Walls

It has been a long time since the walls have been up at Disney's California Adventure.  Between the walls up for World of Color's setup, the Paradise Pier redo, the Paradise Pier new restaurants, the Cars Land wall.... well you get the idea right?


There have been walls at the entrance of Disney's California Adventure for what seems like forever.  Walls in the Hollywood Backlot area to put in the Trolley tracks.  We even have a new way to get to Tower of Terror because of the construction walls.  Bugs Land has been an entry to Tower of Terror for a while now.


Are you used to staying to the left upon entry?  (What happened to staying to the right, where you do everywhere else at the parks and in life?)  Are you used to walking backstage behind Soarin' Over California and all the way around just to get to Monster's Inc.?


Has the congestion because of these wall driven you crazy yet?  Do you hate the small spaces these construction boards have created in such a wide open park as California Adventure.


2012 is here and in full swing.  The Disney Blog has pictures of Cars Land and it is looking good.


When we were there in December you could see the tower of the building replacing Sun Plaza.  The entrance itself was no longer boarded up.


The entrance looked a bit like a futuristic ticket booth, but I am sure when all the walls come down that it will fit into the design beautifully. 


This summer is the time.  D-day for California Adventure.  The reopening of much of the park, and the grand opening of Cars Land.


After more than two years of walls.  Boards promising new and fantastic things.  Blue Sky Cellar making your imagination soar.


We are close now.  I can feel it in the air, and I am in sunny, warm Colorado.  January is almost over.  June and July are approaching quickly.  Sure we don't have an actual opening date yet, but we know it is happening this summer.  Buena Vista Street promises to be a beautiful entrance.  Cars Land will bring three more attractions, restaurants and shops that all promise to be very crowded this summer.


Yes, we are close enough that in the past week Andy and I were wondering how all of the walls coming down will actually affect crowds at Disneyland.  A new E-ticket ride tends to be packed initially with lines over an hour long.  So how will Cars Land affect Disneyland attendance?  We don't know but it will be interesting to see.  Because we are going to be doing something we never do.  Our family will be going to Disneyland this summer to check out everything that will debut in about six months.


Those horrible walls surrounding much of the park will be taken down and we will finally be able to see the new Magic that Disney is getting ready to unveil.


In addition to the walls coming down, they will also be debuting the Mad T Party this summer to replace the cult favorite ElecTRONica.  While I am not sure about this step, everything else is something I am highly anticipating.


I can't wait for the walls to come down.

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