What was Disney Thinking This Time? Engorged Ticket Prices!

As you no doubt have heard by now, the Disneyland Resort has seriously raised ticket prices and Annual Passport prices just in time for Summer.


Then they put out a promotion from $99 per person for a package at a good neighbor hotel.  This promotion is good on various dates through November.


The price increase is good forever.  Or until the next increase.  Since the last increase was June 11, 2011, they have now done two price increases in just one year.  Of course it was the second one that cut to the bone.


Ticket prices for the Disneyland Resort are now astronomically high.  Two day park hopper tickets now start at $200 for an adult.  Five day park hopper tickets are $290 per adults.  The more you stay the cheaper you play.  That has always held true, but now the starting price is about 9% higher than it was May 1st, 2012.


Annual Passes took an even bigger jump, with increases up to 35%!  Formerly Southern California Residence could get an inexpensive pass with a lot of black-out dates.  Now the cheapest pass is well over $200 with a lot of black-out dates.  Including every day throughout Summer.  A Premium Pass was considered a luxury before, but with a price increase over $100 it is now a luxury most people can't afford.  Yes, this pass is now $649.  The Premier Pass - the premium pass for the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort was $700. 


A year ago you could get a pass for 6 parks for $700.  Now a Premium Pass, for just two parks is $649.  Oh but don't worry, Disney didn't forget to raise the price of the Premier Pass.  It is now $849.  This is not pocket change for most people.


Disney says that the price increase is in line with the economy.  Whose economy are they talking about?


Disneyland has been very busy, and on any given day you could have 50% of the guests be pass holders of some type.  Now the cheapest pass is $269.  It doesn't sound like much when you realize that it is a Disneyland Resort Pass.  Except that over half of the year is blacked out.  No Saturdays, no June, July or August trips.  And while $269 doesn't seem like a huge amount, think about that family of four who now has to pay over $1000 to get into Disneyland with a park hopper pass Southern California Select Pass.


Way to go Disney.  I think that you have royally messed this one up.  You can't keep raising ticket prices.  And you most certainly can't almost double a ticket price and call it fair.  You are going to lose some of your most faithful guests now.  Congratulations.


Just My Opinion,


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