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History of Tinker Bell

The precocious pixie we know as Tinker Bell got her movie start in 1953's Peter Pan. In this film she becomes very well known for being jealous of any girl who gets close to Peter Pan. Tinker Bell is also famous for her Pixie Dust; which when sprinkled on you can make you fly.

The figure for Tinker Bell was modeled after Margaret Kerry who played Tinker Bell in the live action version of Peter Pan.

Tinker Bell, an overwhelming standout from the film, went on to be featured in many Walt Disney ventures. She made appearances on television in the show Disneyland, which was done to promote the theme park Walt Disney was hoping to complete. In addition, she was on Walt Disney Presents, Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color, and finally, The Wonderful World of Disney.

The first Tinker Bell to appear at Disneyland Park in California was played by a woman named Tiny Kline a very petite woman who was four feet ten inches tall and a mere 98 pounds. She was hired in 1961 to fly during the fireworks display. This portrayer of Tinker Bell was 71 years old and a former circus aerialist. At the end of her flight she was stopped by running into a mattress. Like the character Tiny played she was very temperamental. In 1964 Tiny Kline retired because of poor health.

Tinker Bell has continued her flight during Disneyland's fireworks, and continues to be one of the most loved Disney characters. Rarely seen at the parks except for the nightly flight, Tinker Bell now appears in the Parade of Dreams; much to the delight of her fans.

In October of 2008 Disney released an all-new Tinker Bell movie.  This movie shows how Tinker Bell began and introduces us to several of her fairy friends.  Rosetta, Iridessa, Silvermist and Fawn try to help Tinker Bell be something other than a Tinker.


During the movie Tinker Bell proves herself to definitely be a Tinker and learns to love tinkering with things she finds.  She remains great friends with the fairies she meets on the way.


In November of 2008, Disneyland opened Pixie Hollow.  This is a location at the edge of Tomorrowland, toward Fantasyland.  Inside Pixie Hollow you are shrunk to Fairy size by the over large flora and fauna. 


With the advent of Pixie Hollow, now you can meet Tinker Bell for the very first time!  Tinker Bell, Rosetta, Iridessa and Silvermist hang out in Pixie Hollow.  Each fairy loves to pose for photos and sign autograph books.

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