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A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes Part 1 (01/04/07)

Once upon a time there was a young girl who grew up very far from Disneyland. She had a wonderful family, with two brothers, a sister, a mom who stayed home with the children, and a dad who was in the military. Her family was not wealthy, yet all the children's needs were taken care of by the loving parents.

Sunday nights were especially fun for this little girl, as she and her family would gather together each Sunday night to watch The Wonderful World of Disney. As Tinker Bell would make her flight over Sleeping Beauty Castle, the young girl would dream of one day seeing that beautiful Castle in person.

In addition to the Sunday television show, the young girl and her family also enjoyed going to the Drive-In Movie Theater to see movies. Song of the South, Bedknobs and Broomsticks and the Apple Dumpling Gang were just three of the films she and her family were able to enjoy together. This little girl absolutely loved the Song of the South, and Uncle Remus. The little bluebird that was flitting over his shoulder, and the music in the film were stuff her dreams were made of, and that was a scene she has never forgotten.

It was 1982 when this little girl made her first dream come true. While in her high school marching bad, she had the opportunity to travel to California, and march down Main Street at Disneyland. After weeks of fundraising duties, it was finally time to step onto the bus. Her anticipation of seeing Sleeping Beauty Castle in person was overwhelming. Tittering with excitement, she found it impossible to sleep on the bus. Instead, she found herself daydreaming of what she would do first when she walked into those Disneyland gates.

Finally arriving, she saw Sleeping Beauty Castle, and was stunned by the utter magnificence of the beautiful Castle. Her dream had come true. The memories of watching the Wonderful World of Disney as a child came rushing back to her as she simply drank in the essence of this incredible place. This little girl, a young woman now, also was able to meet Mickey Mouse while at Disneyland, and much to her friend's chagrin, she purchased a four foot tall Mickey Mouse to return home with her. The bus was a bit more crowded on the return home, but nothing could take the smile out of this girls eyes.

It was two years later when her dad received his first Disney Family Gift Catalog. Once her dad was done perusing the colorful pages, this young lady took the catalog to keep and enjoy whenever she missed that place of her dreams. This became a monthly delivery that she expected, and anticipated. When looking at these great catalogs she would dream of one day owning something as beautiful as the items in these little books, and hoped that one day, she would be able to return to Disneyland and purchase something as special as what she saw in the catalogs. This young lady knew that dreams could come true, and could not wait to make this one happen.

To be continued?.


You can chat with Leanne at our disney forums where she is known as Tink.

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