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ElecTRONica - What were they thinking?

How well did Disney's Tron Legacy do in the theaters?  It made $398.4 million dollars world wide.  Another recent Disney movie, a little gem called Tangled made more than $575 million in the theater and so far has done well in DVD and Blu Ray sales with around $80 million. While in the same respect Tron Legacy has done a poor $17 million in DVD sales.  While it didn't exactly bomb, Tron Legacy certainly didn't do well.


Is the this reason Disney feels the need to push Tron down the throats of guests at Disney's California Adventure?  Does Disney feel that this experience will sell more DVD's?



Many nights, a Tron effect is added  to World of Color.  Or, technically it is put in World of Color, but it really adds nothing to the show.


When World of Color began, the Hollywood Backlot was turned into Glow Fest.  A hand clapping, dancing sing along party full of bright colors and glow merchandise.  Popular music was featured and while it was fun, it did not draw huge crowds.  Why should it when World of Color was on the other side of the park, and Disneyland's Fireworks were across the esplanade. 


Do to the dismal crowds the Executives decided to change Glow Fest and turn it into ElecTRONica, a weekend only party experience.  Yes there is still dancing and bright lights.  In fact, it is reminiscent of the lights you see in Time Square on New Years Eve.  An over abundance of flashing light as you enter the Grid.



Once you enter the Grid you will be surrounded by the reflective lights of the grid that was seen in Tron Legacy.  There is a dance party near Monster's Inc that includes a DJ.  And of course what would this experience be without Flynn's Arcade?



In the stores, Tron Legacy merchandise is on all of the shelves.  But why?


Tron Legacy did not do well in theaters, nor in DVD and Blu Ray sales.  Does it warrant this party?  All of the plastic and metal looking equipment that is never removed.  Glaringly obvious during the day, and silent at night.  Unless it happens to be a weekend.


The opening day crowds were big, but what are the crowds like now?  Is it worth having this ugly equipment up 24/7.  Or do they leave it up to disguise the construction walls.


Wouldn't it be more appropriate, if they were going to have a dance party, to maybe turn it into the Kingdom from Tangled?  Support a movie that did fantastic worldwide.  Or maybe a Pixar party on the weekends?  What was that other movie that broke records at the box office?  Oh yeah, Toy Story 3.


It seems that Disney either didn't think this plan through, or figured that if we see it over and over and over in the parks, we may just decide to buy the movie.

But is it working?  Tron merchandise sales are down, yet the iconic Toy Story sales are still doing great.  People can't get enough of Tangled and will wait 2 hours to meet Rapunzel at Disneyland.


Maybe it was decided to do ElecTRONica before the movie even hit the theaters, but if so, maybe it is time to bury this dying movie and give the guests what they really want.  A park they can have fun in without all of the gimmicks. 


Disney, please tear down the ElecTRONica equipment.  Instead, paint the walls with the pictures of what this area will look like when complete.  Murals are a lot more fun to look at than a big sign that only comes to life three days a week.  Go back and look at Disneyland.  Tomorrowland ring a bell?  The dance party there on weekends?  But during the week guests would never know this happens.  Disneyland does it right.  Take a queue from the park across the way.


Just my opinion,


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09/25/2011TinkI enjoyed the article, but have a different opinion. When we attended ElecTRONica we all really enjoyed it. It was like going to a private party. The laser man show was incredible, the music upbeat and it was great entertainment. This just goes to show that we all have an opionion and we don't have to agree all of the time.

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