The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Review

This is one attraction that can come in real handy for parents of children too short to go on Splash Mountain. Since they are next to one another, it is easy to have 1 parent do Single Rider on Splash Mountain while the other takes the kids on Winnie the Pooh. This is a 3 ½ minute ride filled with color and imagination. The familiar characters from Winnie the Pooh abound on this attraction, making children of all ages smile. You will even find a Heffalump blowing bubbles on this attraction.

If you watch carefully and look behind you often, you may even see some familiar friends from the Country Bear Playhouse. While this attraction isn't really for adults, some may enjoy it. The best thing about this ride in a Honey Pot is that the line is usually short, and it sure will make your child happy!

Our son is almost 3 and has been on the Winnie the Pooh ride now on 3 different trips to Disneyland. We do use it so that one of us can ride Splash Mountain. He seemed to like it best this past trip and 2 ¾ and really enjoyed seeing the characters from Pooh. Unlike his earlier trips he actually knew who the characters where this time. His first time, at 14 months, he simply stared at the rainbow of colors in this whimsical attraction.

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