Airport Bus / Disneyland Express Review 2008

Airport Bus / Disneyland Express Review – April 2008


Our flight landed at the Los AngelesAirport at 2pm on April 20th.  We had our luggage by 2:40 and were outside waiting for our shuttle.  Because of our terminal, the shuttle was due at 15 and 45 after the hour.  The 2:45 bus never showed up.  The 3:15 bus did arrive.  We got on expecting the standard empty bus.  But no, this one was very full and we could not even sit together.


Alex and I needed to use the bathroom on the bus.  We walked in and someone had thrown up all over the bathroom.  The mess was horrible, the smell enough to make you get sick.  There was no toilet paper, and flush didn’t work.  Alex and I ended up not using it but then had vomit on our shoes for the rest of the trip.


We got to the Disneyland Hotel at 4pm where a man came on for our vouchers.  Then we were off delivering people to their hotels.  We were finally dropped of at 5:30.  The delay had cost us more than an hour of time at the parks.


It is important to note that I did call Super Shuttle for our return. They now require car seats or boosters for children 5 and under so that was not an option for us.  This left us with no choice for our return to the airport.


Alex got sick on our last day, and because of the issues with Airport Bus on the way out, we didn’t want to chance it on the return.  We needed easy access to a bathroom that was clean and usable.


Over the years I have heard many complaints about Airport Bus and always thought they were a case of bad luck.  Well, this trip the bad luck hit us and to be honest we will probably never use Airport Bus again.


Update... we emailed and asked for a refund for our unused portion of the round trip tickets we had bought.


They quickly and politely  replied that their website states that no refunds would be given. 


What they failed to mention is that their website also states that unused portions of the tickets can be used for future travel.


It is really hard for us to recommend this company if you have other options.




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