A Disney Artist (7/2/07)

A Disney Artist


My 4-year-old son Alex loves to paint and loves to draw.   After preschool was over this year, I decided to put my Disney loving little boy into some age appropriate art classes.  One was a class that lasted 2 ½ hours a day for 4 consecutive days, and the theme of the class was Pirates.  Well of course, this was perfect for Alex who is currently really into Captain Hook, Peter Pan and generally playing Pirate.  That is, of course when he is not playing Disneyland!


The first day of class, during Gallery, each child had to tell the class and parents what they had painted.  This day, each student was supposed to paint a Pirate ship.  I loved listening to the other kids describe their paintings.  Then it was Alex’s turn.  When he was describing it, he pointed out Tick-Tock and hearing that (he was blocking my view) I thought he had drawn his favorite thing from Disneyland.  He loves the glockenspiel on the Small World Façade. 


Quickly the teacher turned to me for an explanation, and I murmured that he must have drawn Small World as he loves drawing the windmills and the glockenspiel.  Then Alex moved, and much to my surprise, he had instead drawn the Jolly Roger and Tick-Tock, the alligator!  I still had to explain to the teacher as she really didn’t know what that was and once I said Peter Pan, other mom’s smiled and realized what Alex had drawn as well.  My Disney loving child was in that art class last week. 


He was also in a class that ran once a week for four weeks.  I am not sure how the teacher did it, but he followed all directions, and for four weeks he came home with a painting and other items that had absolutely nothing to do with Disneyland!  For that I was grateful, as I was a bit concerned Alex loved Disney so much it would get him in trouble at school!


The beautiful thing about having a Disney loving child with an imagination is that there is always laughter, always a reminder of his favorite things and a ready smile and willingness to talk about Disneyland.  Alex probably knows more about Disneyland than most adults.  I take all the blame for that.  Of course, I could have taught him much worse things, so can’t be too upset with him.


Oh, and the rest of his art class that ran 4 consecutive days?  He painted a treasure map with a big X to mark the spot, a pirate self-portrait, and a beautiful rendition of a specific ride at Disneyland.  Of course, that painting was supposed to be a wave – but his favorite ride is on the water.  Any guesses?


Having a Disney loving child is a wonderful thing for this Disney loving mom!  One day I am sure he will be writing his own A Little Dose of Disney articles!




You can discuss this and other topics with Leanne at www.disneymouselinks.com/forums where she is known as Tink.

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