A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes Part 3 (01/04/07)

Over the years, the young child grew into a woman who loved Disneyland. It became a very special place for her. She was fortunate that she not only had a wonderful husband who also loved Disneyland, but that she was also able to go to this incredible place frequently over the years.

During each successive trip to Disneyland she was able to make a new purchase to add to her expanding collection of beautiful Disney pieces. She no longer had to dream of having pieces that she had seen in the Disney Catalog while younger. Her house was now filled with them.

Unfortunately, there was always one piece missing. One she had seen many years before while visiting Disneyland, but it was something never available for purchase.

After many years, the woman and her husband had a child. Neither could wait until this little boy was old enough to go to Disneyland with them. The woman was determined that she would give her child the one thing she was never able to have as a child, and that was a vacation at Disneyland.

Her little son is a very lucky boy, and has been to Disneyland many times. And each time, she looked for that special piece to bring home to add to her ever growing Disneyana collection. Oh, by this point, she was always able to find something to make her happy, but there was still one unfulfilled dream.

After many trips to Disneyland with her husband, and then many with her son, this woman was always happy to go to California and see Sleeping Beauty Castle, Mickey Mouse, and her beloved Partners Statue. She did find many incredible pieces that brought instant love and a special happiness to her eyes. Hero Worship Mickey she never dreamed of owning as a figurine. After seeing this scene in a picture, she knew she had to buy the artwork. Much to her surprise though, when she went to buy the artwork she found this piece done in porcelain, and immediately bought it to sit on her shelf. Yet next to that incredible piece was a spot left for the one her dreams were made of.

Then, one day, it happened. It was December, 2006 and this woman was shopping when she found the item she had been waiting to see for years now. Walking through the World of Disney, glancing at all the wonderful items they offered, it wasn't until she got to the other side of the collectibles area that she found the one that made her heart go pitter pat. There, standing inside the glass case, was the one. Disney had finally miniaturized the beautiful scene she had seen way back in 1993. The Partners Statue was recreated and bronzed in a beautiful rendition of the original that still stands in Disneyland's central hub.

Of all the Disney Dreams this woman had from childhood to adulthood, bringing the Partner's Statue home was the biggest one she had. Now, her dream has come to fruition. Of course she has not stopped dreaming, and never will, but those dreams have expanded. While she still has the Disney Dreams that will always be a part of her life, she also has wonderful dreams for her son's future. But having the dream of bringing the Partners Statue home has fulfilled a long standing dream, and the shelf next to Hero Worship Mickey is no longer empty.

A dream truly is a wish your heart makes. For me, yes, I am the girl in this story, I will never stop dreaming.


You can chat with Leanne at our disney forums where she is known as Tink.

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