Crystal Shopping at Disneyland (06/10/2006)

Can you enter a Disney Park and NOT shop? Or are you like me, and shopping is one of your favorite reasons to visit a Disney Resort? Living so far away from a Disney Park, with the Disneyland Resort being closest and easiest to visit, we go there at least once a year. Each visit is carefully planned, and the items I intend to purchase are carefully thought out. Yes, shopping while at Disneyland is one of my favorite things to do. If you have had a look at my collection, you have seen some of the many items I come home with each time we visit the Disneyland Resort. Right now though that is a work in progress and doesn't even come close to showing my whole collection.

With that in mind, I thought I would share something with you. There are two items I purchase every single time I go to the Disneyland Resort. One is a coat or jacket. This has become tradition, and I don't even bring one with me while on vacation now since I know I will make that purchase quickly.

The other item I don't leave without purchasing is something from one of the two Crystal Shoppe's at Disneyland. These shops have products from the Arribas Brothers, who specialize in Crystal collectibles. The selection is huge, and these items make wonderful gifts, as well as a treasure for you.

The smaller of the two shops is in New Orleans Square in a little 'hole in the wall' type store called Cristal D'Orleans. Here, as in the shop on Main Street, most of the items are in see through cases for display and protection. This is my favorite shop in all of Disneyland, probably because I can never leave without buying something. Oh sure, I get souvenirs at the other stores too, but those are never planned ahead as a purchase.

One of my first stops is in this little shop to peruse the merchandise to think about for later purchase before my vacation ends. There is eye candy everywhere from the minute you step through the open doorway. Everything can be found here, from the expected Crystal Mickey Mouse, to the very small Crystal Tinker Bell. They also sell Crystal Jewelry, of which I have bought many items.

At the Crystal Shoppe you can purchase a trinket, jewelry, or cups, plates and glasses and even very heavy paperweights. They always have crystal wedding glasses displayed, and will happily personalize them if you make this purchase. The nice thing about the two Crystal Shoppes is that they will personalize anything you buy at no charge.

The most extravagant purchase I have made was a Crystal Mickey Mouse. This little jewel is only about 1 inch tall, but in full color and absolutely amazing. Usually I simply get a smaller plain crystal such as Tinker Bell or the Rose from Beauty and the Beast.

Now, to be honest I must also say that the Crystal Arts store on Main Street there is one item I covet each and every time I go to Disneyland. Okay, I admit it, more than one item is out of my price range, but much loved. These are items I would purchase in a heartbeat if I won the lottery! One is a Crystal Sleeping Beauty Castle, and the other is Cinderella's Coach. These are absolutely incredible, but while I do spend a lot at Disneyland, their price tags are in the 1000's of dollars, and therefore out of my reach.

One day maybe my Prince and I will win the lottery, and I will proudly walk into Crystal Arts to make my purchase of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Until then, I will continue to dream, and look at this beautiful piece of art each time I go to the Disneyland Resort.

As for this year, while I know that I will walk out of there with at least one item, I don't know yet what it will be and won't know until I look at all the treasures available this year.


You can chat with Leanne at our disney forums where she is known as Tink.

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