Disney is Not Just Magic (June 13, 2008)



For years I have consider Disney completely magical.  Walking into Disneyland is magic right from the start.  Seeing characters come alive is magic.  Seeing dreams come true is magic. Looking down Main Street U.S.A is magic.  And seeing the Partners statue is magic.


I learned just a week ago that Disney is not just magic.  Disney is something else I had never really thought of before.


Disney is beauty.  Disney is life.  This was something I didn’t realize until I stepped into Animal Kingdom for the first time.


Yes, there is the Tree of Life.  And yes it is beautiful.  But the park itself, the trees, flowers, birds, pathways and more is absolutely stunning.  Watching the water as you cross over a bridge, noticing how still and magical it is and how it is surrounded by trees is magic.


Now I have seen more than just the Disney magic.  I have seen the Disney beauty and wonder tucked inside the most beautiful Disney theme park on earth.


Animal Kingdom is a peaceful park, tucked in with the flora and fauna that make it so special.


I will always believe in Disney magic.  I have known it most of my life.  Now though I also have seen the beauty that Disney can create and that is something that can be remembered hand in hand when thinking of Disney.


If you have not yet been to Animal Kingdom, be sure not to miss it on a trip to Walt Disney World.  This theme park will take your breath away as you see the beauty and magic within. 


Movies are beautiful.  Characters are beautiful.  Princesses are beautiful.  Animal Kingdom is beautiful.


Disney is not just magic.  Disney is also beauty.  Let us not forget that!


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