Disney Will Always Be There (8/8/07)

Disney will Always be There


Lucky for me, Disney will always be around.  This past week I didn’t think about Disney or Disneyland at all.  I cheated on Disney!


Yes, I joined the Harry Potter bandwagon.  I had purchased all the books but never read any.  When book seven came out, I purchased it and began reading.  Amazingly I read all seven books in one week.  For that time, I could only think of Harry Potter and his adventures at Hogwarts.


It was just last night that I finished book seven, and then I cried.  Not because of the story, but because there was nowhere to go from here.  Not another book or another story.  My fraternization with Harry Potter was done.  With tears in my eyes, I picked up another book.  And I could not read it.  This book was simply not the same.  So instead I moped around, watched some television and went to bed.


This morning I woke up and realized something.  Disney is still here.  In my heart, in my home and of course Disneyland in California is still there.  I was able to cheat on Disney yet it welcomed me back with open arms.


Today, I am somewhat back to normal.  Sure, I still think about Harry Potter, Hogwarts, and Muggles.  Heck, I am a muggle and proud of it!  But today, Disney is back in my life, and frankly I couldn’t be happier. 


My back is feeling a bit better, and I can again sit at the computer for a time without excruciating pain.  Now I can write again.  I can think positively about the possibility of a trip to Disneyland in September.  Again, I can dream of Disneyland.


I do feel bad for the other Harry Potter fans that don’t have a love of Disney to help them get over the loss of good friends.  I am very lucky that I have a great love of Disney to help me get over the loss of the wizarding world.


Thanks Disney, for being there for me.  It is actually shocking to me that I went a whole week without really thinking about Disney, Disneyland, or other related subjects.  Now though, I am back and life is returning to normal, waiting for Andy to finish book seven so we can talk about it.  But I will not let it consume me like it did before.  Did the books put a spell on me?  Who knows?  I enjoyed them immensely as millions of other people did as well.  But Disney has now bewitched me again and I am back!

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