Disneyland With Friends (7/9/07)

Disneyland with Friends


I do not often dedicate my A Little Dose of Disney articles, but I am making an exception here, and dedicating this one to Kevin B.  You know who you are!


Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth.  We absolutely love going there as a family and always have so much fun at the resort.


In May, a dream came true for me.  Kevin, a friend we had met about seven years ago while waiting in line to get Fantasmic! seating was going to be at Disneyland the same days we were scheduled to be there.


Alex had not been born yet when we met Kevin, and the two had never seen each other.  Alex is a very shy young man so I was a bit concerned.  Silly mommy!


We met up with Kevin at Dumbo when we arrived at Disneyland that first day.  Yes, Alex was very shy at first.  For a whole 30 minutes.  Much to Alex’s surprise, Kevin loved Disneyland.  And he rode Small World with us, letting Alex show him all of the windmills.  A match made in Disneyland heaven to be sure.  The two hit it off just like that.


Over the next several days we had the wonderful pleasure of spending time with Kevin and it was fantastic!  Kevin was worried about being a 3rd wheel.  I had been worried he would be bored with us.  Neither of us should have worried at all.  When we were doing something Kevin didn’t want to do, we split up – easy as that.


I have to say that I have special memories of pretty much every trip to Disneyland we take.  I will never forget my first Christmas at Disneyland.  I will not forget Alex’s first trip to Disneyland, or waiting in line for hours meeting Kevin and his Mother for that very special balcony seating.  Now I have an additional favorite memory.


The time we spent with Kevin was, simply put, a dream come true.  We all had so much fun together.  Alex loves Kevin so much; he wants Kevin to visit us at home.  For my little boy, that is pretty impressive. So Kevin you now know – you have an invitation to our house whenever you are in the area!


Until that happens though, we can each enjoy Disneyland.  Together, or on our own, because Disneyland is one thing that has brought all of us together.  And according to Kevin, Alex knows more about Disneyland than most adults.  Kevin is right.  We miss you Kevin.  Thanks for joining us in May for our Dream Come True trip!

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