Finding Friends Through Disney (06/22/06)

Have you ever met someone at a Disney Resort that has remained a lifelong friend? What about meeting someone on a Disney message board or another place online that you finally got to meet in person that quickly became someone you knew would be a lifelong friend? I can answer yes to both of the above questions. Here are the stories of those two very special friends of mine.

The first I met while standing in line for Fantasmic! tickets very early one day. We used to have to line up around 6:00am on the day of the show in order to get these very popular tickets. So on this particular day my husband and I got up around 5:00am and headed to guest relations to line up. We were not the first there, and were concerned about getting tickets, but decided to wait it out instead of giving up. The person in front of us, Kevin, and his mom spent the next two hours talking to us about all things Disney and more. After it was all said and done, we both got the tickets for our families but for different shows of Fantasmic! Before going into Disneyland that special morning, we took pictures of one another. Then, between the Fantasmic! shows we spoke again and exchanged phone number and email addresses. I knew then that Kevin and I would remain friends forever. He is someone I can share my love of Disney with and my love of collecting Disney memorabilia. Though we live across the country from one another we do keep in touch. I consider this person, whom I met on a chance encounter to be one of my best friends.

My other very good friend I had known online for a few years when I told her we were going to Disneyland again. It was quickly determined that we would be there the same time, so we had to meet finally. Over the months, Laurie joined our message boards, we talked daily on instant messenger and the excitement grew. So did fear. What if we didn't like each other? Laurie and I set it up so that we would meet for dinner at Ariel's Grotto. Their priority seating was 30 minutes before hours, but that was no big deal. So, the big day finally arrived. I walked into the restaurant and outside to the patio and was quickly accosted by Laurie. She knew me immediately when I walked to our table and there were no insecurities for either of us. We quickly hugged one another and laughed and talked. Our families decided to meet near Grizzly River Rapids before the Electric Parade which we were going to view together. That worked out perfectly and we all enjoyed the parade.

Laurie and I saw each other again two nights later when we both had Fantasmic! balcony seats. Again, we had different shows, but it was okay. We spent the time between talking, laughing and letting Alex and her son run around playing. While we don't see each other online so much anymore because our lives are busy, we do stay connected via email, our forums and the occasional phone call. Like Kevin, I consider Laurie one of my best friends.

As I was typing this, I realized the common denominator for both friends was Fantasmic! Laurie and I tried to do the same show, but it didn't work out.

Why did I decide to share this with you? Well, if you are a huge Disney fan, there is no better place to meet people who share your love than at a Disney Resort. Look around next time you go, you just might meet your next best friend!


You can chat with Leanne at our disney forums where she is known as Tink.

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