Fun Memories from Goofy's Kitchen in 2007

Fun Memories from Goofy’s Kitchen in 2007


I thought I would share some of our Goofy’s Kitchen memories, as today I just finished our 2007 Disneyland Scrap book.  With 3 trips we have incredible memories from last year, but I must say, the two that made me really smile as I put the pictures in were both from Goofy’s Kitchen.


The first one is from our trip in May 2007 and we were there over our 20th Anniversary, and Andy’s birthday.  We were lucky enough to have a wonderful friend with us whom we had met at Disneyland years before.


Our priority seating on this occasion was for Dinner.  We were seated in my favorite table and quickly got back up to get dinner for each of us.  One adult was always at the table with Alex (who was 4 at the time) so that the adult could take pictures if a character came to the table.  We also never leave Alex alone at the table because of his age.


At one point, the characters started banging on pots and pans, signifying that it was time to make noise and have fun.  Andy took Alex down, while Kevin and I leaned over the booth to watch.  Kevin hit the table as he was leaning, and proceeded to spill almost every drink on the table.  I was quick on the uptake and saved the two cameras that were on the table so the water would not ruin them.


Within minutes, as we were trying to clean up, Andy and Alex came back to the table.  So what happened then?  Andy was trying to help, and proceeded to dump every drink that was still standing! 


Our table was a royal mess!  Unfortunately we have no pictures since I was still holding both cameras.  We laughed about the two boys – both grown men, who made such an incredible mess at dinner for the rest of our trip.


The second special memory comes from our trip in December 2007.  For this one, Alex wanted to take his Star Wars robots to Goofy’s Kitchen.  While I didn’t want him too, we finally decided okay, and were on our way.  Next time, I won’t hesitate to say yes!


We saw Baloo, Alice, Chip, Dale, Goofy and Jasmine on this visit.  We were seated in my least favorite spot, so I was dreading this meal before we were even seated.  No more ‘glass half full’ for me.  This was one of our most magical visits to Goofy’s Kitchen, thanks to the toys.


Dale, Jasmine and Goofy were not too interested in the toys, so just did the usual – sign the autograph book, pose for pictures, and move on.  Not so with the other 3 characters.


Baloo had so much fun playing with Alex and his toys.  He even got R2D2 stuck in his teeth!


Chip put all of the toys in his apron pocket and proceeded to walk away.  Alex simply told him to bring them back when he was done (Alex is 5 for this trip).  Of course Chip came right back, emptied his pocket and played for a few minutes.


The most magical though was Alice.  She must have been at our table for 15 minutes or so.  She was having so much fun playing with the toys, which she called ‘props’.  Andy and I were cracking up, and really laughed when she showed a mean streak when she was Darth Vader!  In Alex’s autograph book she wrote a lengthy message hoping she could play with him again.


It was such a magical trip; we will never forget that special visit to Goofy’s Kitchen.


I thought I would share those special times with all of you!



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