Happy (Disney) New Year (12/31/2007)

Happy (Disney) New Year! (12/31/07)


To all Disney fans, I wish you all happy and prosperous New Year.  For those who have not been to their favorite Disney park in a while and dream of going, I hope that you are able to fulfill that dream.


For those who have Annual Passes to Walt Disney World or Disneyland and get to go all the time I wish to you all perfect trips to your favorite Disney Resort.


All of our board members and all of our guests as well as those who have not yet found our message boards, be safe and happy in this New Year.


Disney Dreams abound for many.  After all, Disney is continuing with the Year of a Million Dreams.  It is my wish that each and every reader of our website and message boards (www.disneymouselinks.com/forums) is given one of the Disney Dream Rewards. 


If you are reading this and have already received an award from the Disney Dream Team be sure to stop by our forums and let all of us know.  We love to share in the excitement of others.


2008 begins tomorrow and I have many goals and wishes for the New Year.  As always I wish for health and happiness for all of my family and friends.  I pray for the safety of our armed forces that are fighting for our freedom overseas.


We are very lucky, we Disney lovers.  I realized that at Christmas when I shared the story of our meal at Goofy’s Kitchen with my in-laws.  After telling them all about how Alice, Baloo, Chip and Dale played with Alex my sister-in-law touched my arm and said “you know they are not real, right?”  I laughed because I knew something she can’t understand.  I believe in Disney Magic as do many others and I really hope that more people will be touched by this special magic in 2008.


Hopefully this New Year will bring us all new Disney Adventures along with safety, happiness and good health.


Bring on 2008!



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