Mickey Mouse Ears (06/11/06)

If you are looking for Mickey Mouse Ears to purchase, please look here.
Do you have Mickey Mouse Ears? If so, you are one of millions that have these wonderful keepsakes from Disney.

The Mickey Mouse Ears hats have become very popular over the years, and have definitely grown up since those first early years.

These little hats are a great memento of your trip to a Disney Park, and because they are inexpensive and can be personalized, it is something 90% of visitors to a Disney Park take these darling keepsakes home.

The Mickey Mouse Ears began their long history as a Disney favorite in the 1950's when the Mickey Mouse Club aired. With the Mousketeers wearing them on television, they became something young children and adults alike dreamed of wearing. The original small felt had two large plastic ears, giving the wearer a look just like Mickey Mouse. The creator of these ears was Roy Williams, an adult Mousketeer on the Mickey Mouse Club. He was inspired by the 1929 short story the Karnival Kid, where there is a scene of Mickey tipping his ears to Minnie. Many years later, the first wearable Mickey Mouse Ears were born, and they are quickly taking over the world.

Okay, that was just a joke, but seriously, they are the most popular item purchased at the Disney Resorts. In fact, I personally own 4 pairs. Now, don't get me wrong, they are not all the same, as I am not that crazy. Mickey Mouse Ears have developed into their own conglomerate, and now many different styles can be found.

For example, the children's ears have chin straps to hold them on their heads. These hats are heard to wear for adults too, so wear is our strap? Adults could certainly use something to tie those darling little hats on our heads too!

There is also a new hat, the Baby's first Mouse Ears. These ones are a much smaller version for the very young child. Many Disney fans have bought these for their baby's first trip to a Disney Resort.

Of course the biggest seller in the past year has been the golden Mickey Mouse Ears for Disneyland's 50th Anniversary and I went one step further with my purchase of these ears and bought the Mickey and the Minnie version of the Ears. The Minnie version simply has a bow sewn on top between the ears which is yet another new incarnation of the Mickey Mouse Ears we all know and love.

If you visit a Disney Park during a holiday period, you will find Holiday Ears to add to your collection.

Being the Disney freak that I am, my young child has not been skipped in the purchasing of Mickey Mouse Ears. He has the golden pair, and the standard black felt version, both with the chin strap so they can be worn.

I am a fan of the Mickey Mouse Ears. There is no memorabilia to purchase at a Disney Park that is as fun or fanciful as these little gems. Once home, they can simply sit on a shelf for a constant reminder of the fun you had on your vacation.

So, whether you go to Disneyland, Walt Disney World or an international Disney Park, don't forget the Ears! And take advantage of the free embroidery of your name. For about $12.00 you will have a great keepsake that won't fade or fall apart.

And remember as you wear your Ears proudly: It was all started by a Mouse!


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If you are looking for Mickey Mouse Ears to purchase, please look here.

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