My Dreams will Never Fade (February 12, 2008)

My Dreams will Never Fade


While expectantly waiting to hear who the top 10 are for Disney’s Chief Magic Official I sit here and continue with my own dreams.


Sure, I wasn’t selected, but there are no hard feelings.  I will work for Disney one day in some capacity or another.


But every single day I get to live the Disney Magic even though I am so far away.  Alex is an incredible child, and in Andy’s words:  ‘you have brainwashed our child’.  Yep.  Alex is as big a Disney freak as I am.  In fact, I expect that within the next few years he will have his own column on our site.


Between our love of Disney music, movies and characters we live the dream every day.  Alex is currently a Star Wars child – completely obsessed.  Why?  Because of Disneyland of course!  The first time he rode Star Tours he was hooked.  He is especially enthralled with the robots and uses his allowance to purchase a new one each week.


When he is not playing with his Star Wars robots he is building Disneyland and driving the monorail past the Matterhorn.  Saying hi to Mickey and Goofy in Toontown, or calling Mickey to say hi on a frequent basis he brings joy and laughter to the house.  Of course, always dreaming of our next Disney trip doesn’t hurt either!



I remember when he was born and how I worried that he would not love Disneyland as much as I do, or Mickey, or Minnie….(well, you get the idea).  This is something I never should have worried about.  He is my child, and there was no way my child was not going to be exposed to Disney and with that exposure he gained a love of all things Disney that is as strong as the love I have for Disney. 


Maybe Andy is right. Maybe I have completely brainwashed our child.  But if I have at least I know he is happy, he has the same imaginary friends as I have, and we have a wonderful life.


Because of Alex my dreams will never fade.  If I ever falter, he is there to remind me each and every day.




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