My Five Year Plan (January 5, 2008)

My 5-Year Plan


With more big news coming forward this week about the 5 year plan for California Adventure, I thought I would do my own 5 year plan.  In 2013 we can look back on this and see how much of my plan was completed.  Of course, like Disney’s 5 year plan, mine will also be Disney related.


After a momentous year in 2007 when we were able to get to Disneyland 3 times, I will set my Disneyland Plan for 2008 with my hopes and expectations.



I hope to have a trip to Disneyland in April at which time we will be able to renew our Annual Passes.  We may actually wait to renew the passes since we currently have no plans to go back to Disneyland before December.


December trip to Disneyland because there is nothing more magical than Disneyland at Christmas!


Alex will start Kindergarten in September.



Again, I have to hope for at least two trips to Disneyland in 2009.  Times we are not sure about since Alex will be in school five days a week.



This is the year Alex will start first grade.  It has been my hope for years that we would be able to visit Walt Disney World for the first time this year during the summer.


Option two for this year would be our first Disney Cruise.



To be honest, I can’t think that far ahead.  Sure, I know we will still love Disney, and Disneyland, but the question is this.  If we go to Walt Disney World in 2010 then what on earth will we decide to do in 2011, 2012 and 2013.


I am not a huge corporation.  I can’t come up with a five year plan as easily as Disney has done.  All I know is that I have loved Disney for so many years now, I don’t see that changing.  Ever.



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